New Jersey Wills - November 9, 1898 - Sarah Lane

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New Jersey Wills - November 9, 1898 - Sarah Lane

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Mrs. Sarah Lane's Will

Many Articles of Jewelry and Keepsakes Given to Her Relatives

Sarah H. (Smith) Lane of Long Branch, wife of William Lane, who died three weeks ago or so, disposed of many of her articles of jewelry, etc., among her relatives. Her house and lot on the south side of Garfield avenue at Long Branch, with all the furniture therein contained, was left to her husband as long as he should live, and at his death it was to go to her son, Eugene Lester Lane. Another house and lot on the north side of Franklyn avenue at Long Branch was left to her son Eugene Lester, to go into his possession at once.

Among the special bequests of money, keepsakes, etc., left by Mrs. Lane, was $50 to her mother, Mrs. Rebecca Smith of Red Bank; $50 to her brother Joseph L. Smith of Red Bank; diamond earrings to her niece, Sarah E. Fay of Red Bank; a gold watch, gold finger ring and nose glasses to her sister, Florence Fay of Red Bank; temple glasses, fur cape and finger ring with red stone setting to her sister, Annie C. Vannote of Manasquan; two pairs of earrings, one made of gold dollars and fancy gold pair to her niece, Lizzie Vannote of Manasquan; dressing mirror, and an oil painting to her niece, Rebecca VanNote; and all her wearing apparel to her sisters, Florence Fay and Annie C. VanNote, and to her mother Rebecca Smith, to be equally divided among them. All the rest of her property was to go to her son Eugene Lester Lane. Harry C. Fay was the executor of the will, which was made December 6th, 1897. The witnesses were Mand A Horner and Benjamin P. Morris.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, November 9, 1898

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