New Jersey Obituaries - May 18, 1898 - Miss Deborah Stilwagon

Miss Deborah Stilwagon died at her home between Holmdel and Morrisville on Sunday of last week. She was the oldest woman in the immediate neighborhood, and was 73 years old the 12th of last November. She lived with her sister, Mrs. M. A. Bowman, in a house which had belonged to their father, Peter Stilwagon. The house is an old-fashioned structure, and the dooryard is filled with old-fashioned flowers and shrubbery, which were favorites fifty years ago. Besides Mrs. Bowman, Miss Stilwagon left but one other sister. This was Mrs. Katharine Bennett, who lives in Middletown township, near Red Bank.

Miss Stilwagon's death was due to old age. She comes from a long-lived family. Her father was a very old man when he died. Benjamin Stilwagon, one of his brothers, reached the age of 83 years, and his other brothers were nearly as old when they died. Miss Stilwagon's funeral was held on Thursday afternoon at the house, and the body was buried in the Magee burying ground, a short distance from her late home. The bearers were Lewis lane, Theodore Stilwell, William Antonides, John Repphard, Thomas Y. Stout and Garrett Magee.

Miss Stilwagon left a small estate. This consisted principally of her interest in the real estate left by her father, which had never been divided. She left a will, which is said to be in the possession of Dr. H. G. Cooke, who formerly lived at Holmdel but who now lives at New Brunswick.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, May 18, 1898