New Jersey Wills - May 11, 1898 - John Anthony Hubbard

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New Jersey Wills - May 11, 1898 - John Anthony Hubbard

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The Widow Gets Everything

Disposition of John Anthony Hubbard's Estate

The will of John Anthony Hubbard of Middletown township, who died on Branch avenue a short time ago, was probated last Friday. The will was drawn by Robert Allen, Jr., of Red Bank and contains only three sections. The first section provides for the payment of his debts; the second section gives everything which Mr. Hubbard possessed at the time of his death to his wife, Sarah C. Hubbard; and the third section named his wife as the executrix. The will was made May 14th, 1896, and was witnessed by Joseph H. Stout and Robert Allen, Jr. Mr. Hubbard's estate is comprised principally of his farm in Middletown township. This farm contains about one hundred acres, and is estimated to be worth all the way from $8,000 to $12,000.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, May 11, 1898

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