New Jersey Wills - May 4, 1898 - John Beyer

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New Jersey Wills - May 4, 1898 - John Beyer

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John Beyer's Will

His Entire Estate Goes to His Children

John Beyer's will has been probated at Freehold. The will was made February 24th, 1892, with Charles E. Throckmorton, W. B. VanDorn and Harry A. Himmelmann as witnesses. The will ordered all debts paid, and the next section named his executors, who were George W. Beyer, Jr., of Brooklyn and John A. Beyer of Red Bank, two of his sons; his daughter, Elizabeth M. White, widow of Russell White of Red Bank and his son-in-law, Harold K. Allstrom of Red Bank.

All his household effects, including the furniture, carpets, pictures, books, etc., are to be equally divided among his four daughters, Elizabeth M. White, Mary, wife of Harold K. Allstrom; Louise, wife of Dr. J. C. Throckmorton; and Miss Hannah A. Beyer. The livestock on the farm, the farm tools, utensils and all the personal property used in the farm work, are to be equally divided among Elizabeth M. White, George H. Beyer, Mary Allstrom, Louise Throckmorton and Hannah A. Beyer. The cemetery lot is left to his heirs-at-law, who in this case are his children.

Andrew Beyer of Brooklyn, one of Mr. Beyer's sons, is to get $250, and Marian and Josephine, two of Andrew Beyer's children, are each to get $500. This money is not to come out of the estate but is to be paid equally by the other six children. The amount each must pay to make up this fund is $209.33, and it must be paid within a year of Mr. Beyer's death.

All the rest of the estate is left to the six children, Elizabeth M. White, George H. Beyer, Jr., Mary Allstrom, Louise Throckmorton, Hannah A. Beyer and John A. Beyer. Any advancements which may have been made to any of the children are to be deducted from their shares when the estate is divided.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, May 4, 1898

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