New Jersey Obituaries - March 23, 1898 - Mrs. Leonard

A Woman Burned to Death

Mrs. Leonard, widow of Yeff Leonard, was burned to death at Vanderburg on Monday night. Her husband died in Red Bank about a month ago from the bursting of a blood vessel. Mrs. Leonard was paralyzed, and was cared for by the neighbors. She could not walk and could only get about by creeping. She lived alone in a little house just outside the village of Vanderburg. She slept in a bed on the floor, and on Monday night she was cared for by the neighbors as usual. They left a lamp burning on a table near the bed.

During the night the house caught fire and burned down. No one saw the blaze and the accident was not known until morning. Her body, terribly burned, was found in the ruins of the house. It is supposed that she accidentally knocked the lamp from the table, and so set the house on fire. Being unable to walk she could not escape and perished in the ruins.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, March 23, 1898