New Jersey Obituaries - June 29, 1898 - Amos S. Wright

Amos S. Wright , a retired school teacher, died suddenly last Friday morning at the West End hotel, near the Southern railroad station. He had been in poor health for several years. He was unable to teach on account of his ill health, and since he gave up that work he had been a book agent. About three years ago he underwent a severe operation for the removal of a growth on his neck. The operation was successful, but it left him even feebler than before.

Mr. Wright was a man of remarkable neatness of dress, and of gentle demeanor. Although his fortunes during the last years of his life were at a low ebb, he was always scrupulously neat both in dress and personal appearance. He had a number of regular customers for all the books for which he took the agency, and he took subscriptions also for several of the leading periodicals of the country.

Mr. Wright had no relatives in this part of the country. The funeral was held on Monday, and the body was buried at Lincroft.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, June 29, 1898