New Jersey Obituaries - June 22, 1898 - David J. Ferris

David J. Ferris A Suicide

He Tried to Kill Mrs. Abigail F. Weaver and Then Shoots Himself

David J. Ferris of Brooklyn, husband of May Ferris, killed himself on Saturday by shooting himself through the head. Mrs. Ferris was the daughter of Mrs. Abigail F. Weaver, who, with her sister, Mrs. Amelia J. Ellis, inherited the whole of the Charles Leighton tract in Red Bank. Mr. Leighton left his entire estate to his widow, and at her death she left it to Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Ellis, with whom she made her home several years before her death.

Mr. Ferris suffered from softening of the brain, and this disease made him at times incapable of governing himself. On Saturday he went home at noon, and after a few words with Mrs. Weaver, his mother-in-law, he pulled out a pistol and fired at her. The bullet struck her in the chin and followed the jaw bone around to the back of the neck, barely missing the jugular vein. After shooting at Mrs. Weaver, Ferris shot himself through the head and died a few minutes afterward.

Mrs. Weaver is old and feeble. The wound inflicted by the bullet is not serious, but she is suffering greatly from the shock.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, June 22, 1898