New Jersey Obituaries - June 1, 1898 - Hiram Tyler

Drowned At New York

Hiram Tyler of Matawan Asleep in a Tug's Cabin When it Sank

Hiram Tyler of Matawan was drowned at New York on Sunday of last week. He was engineer of the tug Winslow of New York. The tug was tied up at the wharf with another tug alongside. Mr. Tyler was asleep in the cabin. From some unkown (sic) cause the tug suddenly sunk, carrying Mr. Tyler with it. About $64 in money and a number of diamonds were on the body when it was recovered. Mr. Tyler was 59 years old and had always been a seafaring man, having visited almost every country on the globe. He leaves a widow, Gertrude M. Tyler. The family lived in the house on the grounds of the Midway gun club at Matawan.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, June 1, 1898