New Jersey Obituaries - July 27, 1898 - Arthur Little

Death Of Arthur Little


His Ancestors Were Early Settlers In Monmouth


His Grandfather was a Captain in the Revolution and was Captured by the British - Held a Prisoner of War for Two Years

Arthur W. Little of Philadelphia died at Devon, Pa., about two weeks ago. Mr. Little was born at Shrewsbury and was well known to many of the older residents of this part of the county. His birthplace was on the road leading from Shrewsbury to Tinton Falls, and was just west of the Washington L. Hope property. The house where Mr. Little was born is now occupied by John Saguerton, Jr. The original homestead of the Little family was on the Eatontown and Tinton Falls road.

Mr. Little was a descendant of the early settlers of the county. The original ancestor of that name who came to this country was a Scotch-Irish Presbyterian, who was driven from home by religious persecution, and settled in Monmouth county in 1688. A very large plantation was granted to him by the proprietors, and he became an influential man in the locality. He was a lieutenant-colonel in the French and Indian war, and he held the position of judge in the colonies for 25 years.

During the Revolutionary war the ancestors of Arthur W. Little were strong patriots. His grandfather, Christopher Little, was a captain in the patriot army during that war. He was captured near Middletown Point on the first of June, 1778. At the time of his capture he was defending the house of John Burrowes from the raid of a party of refugees. For two years Capt. Little was kept a prisoner of war on the prison-ship Jersey, and after being released he was again captured at the battle of Long Island. Two of Capt. Little's brothers were officers in the patriot army during the Revolution, and one of them was killed in battle. Capt. Christopher Little was afterward, for fourteen years, a member of the legislature of New Jersey. One of his sons, the father of Arthur W. Little, was a lieutenant in the American army during the war of 1812. A number of Mr. Little's ancestors held positions as judges and other officials of the county during its early history.

When Arthur W. Little was fourteen years old he left Shrewsbury and went to Philadelphia. He entered the store of Morris L. Hallowell & Co., and after service there several years he was admitted to the firm as a partner. He became the foreign buyer for the firm, and he crossed the ocean seventy times in the interest of his firm. He lived in Paris for several years, and founded the American chapel in that city. He was an early member of the Union League of Philadelphia, and was one of the original members of the Old Gray Reserve Regiment, which was in active service during the invasion of Pennsylvania in 1863. He was commissioner from New Jersey to the Paris Exposition in 1855, and received a medal from Napoleon III in recognition of his services. He was a member of the state horticultural society and was also a member of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Mr. Little was born October 23d, 1819, and he was therefore nearly 79 years old at the time of his death. His mother was Eleanor Williamson, who lived near Holmdel. Arthur W. Little's sons are tracing out the genealogy of their grandmother, and would be glad to receive any facts concerning her or her family.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, July 27, 1898