New Jersey Wills - July 20, 1898 - Emily J. Sproul

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New Jersey Wills - July 20, 1898 - Emily J. Sproul

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The will of Emily J. Sproul of Keyport was probated last week. Mrs. Sproul made her will last September. The witnesses to the signing of the will were Elizabeth J. Howard and Marcus B. Taylor, both of Keyport. The first item in the will orders all the funeral expenses and debts paid, and it is also ordered that $500 be paid to her son, Cyrus F. W. Sproul, to cancel a mortgage held by him against the estate of his father, Edgar Sproul. The executors are next authorized to invest the sum her son, Garrett Sproul, would have received if no will had been made, and to use the profits arising from this money for the benefit of Edwin Sproul, son of Garrett. The executors may spend some of the principal of the money invested, if they find the interest insufficient for this purpose. Whatever is left of the principal at the time Edwin reaches the age of 21 years is to be paid to him. All the rest of the estate is to be divided equally between Cyrus F. W. Sproul, Edwin Sproul, Eugenia Judson, wife of Joseph Judson of Keyport; Amanda Cameron, wife of J. Don Cameron, and Della Boyer, wife of John Boyer, of Harrisburg, Pa. All of these persons are children of Mrs. Sproul. The executors, who are her two sons, Cyrus and Edwin, are authorized to sell any of all of the real estate and personal property at any time they think best, and to divide the proceeds among the heirs.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, July 20, 1898

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