New Jersey Wills - July 20, 1898 - John F. Scobey

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New Jersey Wills - July 20, 1898 - John F. Scobey

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John F. Scobey's will was probated last week. Mr. Scobey lived at Scobeyville, which was named after the Scobey family. The first paragraph of Mr. Scobey's will orders all his debts paid, and the next leaves to his wife, Sarah E. Scobey, all the income and profit of the homestead farm as long as she should remain his widow. She was also to receive $50 a year from the rest of his estate as long as she should live, or as long as she remained his widow. His sons, A. Lee Scobey and Samuel S. Scobey, were made executors of the will, and they were instructed in case Mrs. Scobey thought it for her best interest, to sell the farm and invest the proceeds for their mother's benefit. All the rest of the estate, including the part set apart for the use of his wife during her lifetime, is eventually to be divided equally among his children, A. Lee Scobey of Eatontown, Samuel S. Scobey of Long Branch, Frank Scobey of Lambertville, Alice Colby of Montclair and Abby A. Button, wife of Samuel Button, and former wife of Edward Bailey, deceased. Mrs. Button's share is not to be paid to her outright, but is to be invested by the executors, and she is to be paid the income from it. At her death her share is to be divided among her children. In the original will Mr. Scobey's grandson, who was living with him at the time of his death, was directed to continue living with his grandmother; but In a codicil to the will this provision was revoked and the place where the grandson should live was left to the discretion of the executors of the will. The will was made on March 29th of this year and the codicil was made April 21st. Albert Polhemus, Frank Hance and James Steen witnessed the original will; and James Steen and Frank Hance were the witnesses to the codicil.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, July 20, 1898

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