New Jersey Wills - July 20, 1898 - John King

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New Jersey Wills - July 20, 1898 - John King

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John King of Little Silver, who died three weeks ago, left the use of all his personal and real estate to his wife Margaret as long as she should live. At her death the entire estate is to be divided into four equal parts. One part is to go to Mr. King's daughter, Celia Irene King; another is to go to his son, William H. King; another part is to go to his grandson, John S. Larker; and the remaining fourth is to be invested and the income arising therefrom is to be given to his granddaughter, Maggie Perkins. This income to his granddaughter, Maggie Perkins, is to be at all times free from the control of her husband. At her death the principal of her share is to go to her children; but if she leave no children, then it is to go the other three persons mentioned in John King's will. Mr. King's widow, Margaret King and his son, William H. King, were made executors of the will. The will was made October 2d, 1 891, and was witnessed by Winfield White and Charles Morlat.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, July 20, 1898

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