New Jersey Obituaries - July 13, 1898 - Miss Anna B. Shenessy

Fell From A Balcony

Miss Anna Shenessy Receives Injuries Which Cause Her Death

Miss Anna B. Shenessy of New York, who with her parents was spending the summer at Ocean Grove, fell from a porch on the second floor of the house on the Fourth of July and received injuries from which she died on Saturday. Miss Shenessy leaned against the railing of the porch when it suddenly gave way and she fell to the yard below. Her spinal column was fractured and for several days before her death she was entirely paralyzed. She died on Saturday afternoon at one o'clock. She was 23 years old. The funeral was held at Ocean Grove on Monday afternoon, after which the body was taken to New York where services were also held.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, July 13, 1898