New Jersey Obituaries - July 6, 1898 - Disbrow C. Wilson

A Broken Neck

Disbrow C. Wilson Falls Down Stairs and is Killed

A fatal accident occurred at Freehold last Wednesday night. Disbrow C. Wilson, steward at Simonson's hotel, was going upstairs with a lighted lamp and a pitcher of water, and when near the top he fell backward to the bottom of the flight. He was picked up unconscious. A doctor was called and he stated that Wilson's neck was broken. Wilson died a short time after the accident.

Last May Wilson's leg was injured while he was helping Simonson to move into the hotel. The calf of the leg was severely bruised, and the leg had been weak ever since. It is supposed that this caused him to fall on Wednesday night. Wilson was 45 years old. His parents live at Milhurst, his father being eighty years old.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, July 6, 1898