New Jersey Obituaries - January 19, 1898 - Daniel S. Borden

Death Of Daniel S. Borden

Shrewsbury's Overseer of the Poor Died on Saturday

Daniel S. Borden of Red Bank, the overseer of the poor of Shrewsbury township, died early Saturday morning at the age of 78 years. He had lived in this county all his life, and had lived at Red Bank for the past 45 years, and had followed the trade of a shoemaker. He had a considerable number of patrons for whom he made boots to order, and who were wont to declare that no one could fit them like Mr. Borden. The last pair of boots he made was for Theodore Sickles of Mechanic street, and they were finished only a short time before his death.

Mr. Borden was born at Farmingdale. When he was seventeen years old he moved to Middletown and learned the shoemaking business while he was there. He worked in Louisiana for a year about 1840, which was the only time he was away from Monmouth county for any considerable length of time. For more that forty years he has been in the shoe business in Red Bank. As (at) one time he owned the Weis property on Front street.

His widow, who was Miss Mary Morris, survives him, as do also three children. The children are Charles H. Borden, Amos S. Borden and Mrs. Thomas Price, all of whom live at Red Bank. The funeral was held yesterday, the services being conducted by Rev. Holmes G. Gravatt. There was a very large attendance at the funeral. The pall bearers were John A. Worthley, Theodore Sickles, William J. Sickles, Joseph W. Child, John W. Mount and Jarvis Holmes. The body was buried in Fair View cemetery.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, January 19, 1898