New Jersey Obituaries - January 5, 1898 - George A. Geiger

A Sudden Death

George A. Geiger Dies on the Eve on His Marriage

George Arvid Geiger of Belmar died very suddenly last Friday night. Mr. Geiger was to have been married the following day to Miss Lilian Irons, daughter of John R. Irons of Belmar. The occasion was to have been a triple celebration, the day being the fiftieth birthday of Mr. Irons and the 25th anniversary of his wedding. Mr. Geiger complained of being sick several times during the evening, and while the wedding party were having a rehearsal of the ceremony he complained that he could not see and he lay down on a sofa, where he died in a few minutes.

Mr. Geiger was 27 years old. He was born at Shenkel, Pa., and had lived at Belmar for a year and a half, where he was employed by Mr. Irons.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, January 5, 1898