New Jersey Wills - December 28, 1898 - George Cross, Sr.

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New Jersey Wills - December 28, 1898 - George Cross, Sr.

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Will Of George Cross, Sr.

His Property Goes To His Descendants

George Cross, Sr., a well-to-do farmer of Vanderburg, died last June, but his will was not probated until last week. Mr. Cross had several children and he had been very liberal in dealing with them in his lifetime. He makes a statement in his will, saying that the difference in the legacies left to his children was due to the advancements made to them in his lifetime. His daughter, Maria, wife of James McCormick, was bequeathed the house and lot in Holmdel township where she now lives. Mr. Cross's son Thomas died some time ago, and Thomas's children, Mary L. Annie, Edward and Ellen E., each will receive the sum of $250 on arriving at legal age. The interest on the money is to be paid to the mother of the children until they become of age. Mr. Cross's daughter Ellen, wife of Edward Hoey, and Mr. Cross's two sons, George and Henry, each receives $5. To Mr. Cross's son William was bequeathed the farm at Vanderburg, occupied by Mr. Cross at the time of his death; the lot of land east of the farm; the piece of woodland on the road from the Phalanx to Vanderburg, bought from William W. Conover; all the stock, crops farm machinery and personal property on the farm; the cemetery plot at Freehold, and the horse shed at the Catholic church at Colt's Neck. All the rest of the property was to be divided into three parts, one part going to his daughter, Marie McCormick; another part to his daughter, Ellen Hoey; and the third part to the children of his dead son Thomas. Mr. Cross's son William and his son-in-law, Edward Hoey, were made the executors of the will. The will was made February 1st, 1896. The witnesses were William A. Walling and Frederick Miller of Lincroft, and Denise H. Smock of Red Bank.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, December 28, 1898

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