New Jersey News - December 21, 1898 - Railroad Accident

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New Jersey News - December 21, 1898 - Railroad Accident

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A Railroad Accident

Four Persons Killed and Two Fatally Wounded at Allenwood

Last Friday night a farm wagon containing eight persons was struck by a train at a crossing of the Pennsylvania railroad near Allenwood, and Mrs. Elmira Allen, Rebecca B. Allen, Miss Jennie Cranmer and William A. Allgor were instantly killed. David F. Allen and his sister Kate Allen, were fatally wounded and William Allen and Chester, a young son of Mrs. Elmira Allen, were seriously injured. All of the party lived at Allenwood. They had spent the day at Asbury Park and were returning home. The rumbling of the wagon over the frozen ground prevented them from hearing the approaching train and they drove on the track directly in front of the locomotive. One of the horses was killed and the wagon was broken to pieces.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, December 21, 1898

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