New Jersey Wills - December 14, 1898 - Theodore Aumack

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New Jersey Wills - December 14, 1898 - Theodore Aumack

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Theodore Aumack's Will

It Was Probated At Freehold This Week

His Property Goes to His Wife, His Daughter and His Son in Equal Shares

Several wills were probated at Freehold during the past few days. The most interesting one among them was that of the late Theodore Aumack. Mr. Aumack gave $500 to Sophia L. Hoff, and left all the rest of his property to be equally divided among his wife, his son, Gifford B. Aumack; and his daughter, Norma D. Hall. The bequest to his wife was in lieu of dower. Mr. Aumack named Alfred Walling, Jr., as executor, but as Mr. Walling died about a year ago, Gifford B. Aumack and Edward A. Hall, Mr. Aumack's son and son-in-law, were appointed to carry out the provisions of the will. The will was made April 3d, 1896, with Cyrus B. Honce and Rulif V. Lawrence as witnesses.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, December 14, 1898

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