New Jersey Wills - December 7, 1898 - Tabor C. Polhemus

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New Jersey Wills - December 7, 1898 - Tabor C. Polhemus

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Tabor C. Polhemus, of Ocean Beach who dropped dead last week, left a lot at Ocean Grove and two lots at Pitman's Grove, in Gloucester county, to his wife, Margaret Currie Polhemus. He left his house and lot at Ocean Beach, where he lived, to his three children by his second wife, Laura E. Polhemus. These children are Lester A., Effa Belle and Clinton Polhemus. To his children by his first wife, Sarah V. Polhemus, he left his woodland property of ten acres at Silverton, in Ocean township. These children are Frank D. and Jessie Polhemus. His wife's mother, who is old, is to be supported from the property left to his wife. All the rest of his estate goes to his three children by his second wife. Mr. Polhemus had been married to his last wife less than a year. He made his will last May, and his wife was named executor.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, December 7, 1898

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