New Jersey Wills - August 24, 1898 - Isaac Compton

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New Jersey Wills - August 24, 1898 - Isaac Compton

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Isaac Compton's Will

He Divides His Farm Into Four Equal Parts

He Left Four Children and His Son, William V. W. Compton, was Made Executor of the Will.

Isaac Compton of Port Monmouth, who died about two weeks ago, left a will in which he divided his farm at that place into four equal parts. One of the parts was given to his daughter-in-law, Jane Scott Compton, wife of William V. W. Compton; another to his son Stout S. Compton; another to his son Thomas Compton; and the remaining fourth to his daughter, Mary Emma Garnsey, wife of William Garnsey.

The part which goes to Jane Scott Compton, wife of William V. W. Compton, is the easterly part of the farm and contains the dwelling house and farm buildings. All the farming utensils, live stock, household furniture, etc., is included in this bequest, and all of this property goes to Jane Scott Compton. A provision of the will recites that this shall be the property of Jane Scott Compton so long as she remains the lawful wife of William V. W. Compton, and in case of his death it shall be hers as long as she remains his widow. At her death, or when she remarries, the property is to go to the children of William V. W. Compton and in case of their death, it is to go to their nearest heirs.

The boundary line setting off Jane Scott Compton's part of the farm runs north and south. When this section is set off, the remaining part is divided into three parts. The lines dividing these parts run east and west. The northern part, which adjoins the property of Isaac Compton's son, Stout S. Compton, goes to Stout S. Compton. The middle part goes to Thomas Compton, and the southern part to Mrs. Garnsey. William V. W. Compton, who is appointed executor, gets a special bequest of $100. All the rest of the real and personal property is to be divided among Mary Ella Garnsey, Stout S. Compton and Thomas Compton.

The witnesses to the will were George H. Lohsen and Daniel W. VanNote.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, August 24, 1898

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