New Jersey Wills - August 17, 1898 - Mrs. Eleanor Lewis

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New Jersey Wills - August 17, 1898 - Mrs. Eleanor Lewis

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Mrs. Eleanor Lewis, wife of Elias H. Lewis of Fair Haven, who died June 23d, left a will which was made in 1870. The witnesses to the will were Charles H. Trafford, Clement DeR. Leonard and F. S. Longstreet. Mrs. Lewis at that time had three children. They were Garret Stratton and Harriet Stratton, who were her children by her first marriage; and Josephine Lewis, who was her daughter by her second husband, Mr. Lewis. Mrs. Lewis left $100 to each of her three children, and all the rest of her property was left to her husband. The two children by Mrs. Lewis's first husband have died, but each of them left a child. This child will in each case get the $100 left by Mrs. Lewis to its father or mother. The other child, Josephine, is still living and is the wife of Albert Bell of Fair Haven. Mrs. Lewis's husband was made executor of the will, which was probated a few days ago.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, August 17, 1898

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