New Jersey Wills - April 27, 1898 - Mrs. Mary C. Woodward

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New Jersey Wills - April 27, 1898 - Mrs. Mary C. Woodward

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The will of Mrs. Mary C. Woodward of Red Bank, widow of John Woodward who died about three weeks ago, has also been probated. Mrs. Woodward directed that her debts and funeral expenses be paid from her funeral benefits received from the lodge of the Daughters of Liberty of Red Bank, of which she was a member, and that the remainder of the death benefit be divided among her seven children, Jonathan V. Woodward, Phebe Hannah Perrine, Edward P. Woodward, Annie C. Worden, Ada M. Schroeder, William L. Woodward and Lillie May E. Frake. To Mrs. Frake she also left her house and lot on Leighton avenue at Red Bank provided she pay the interest on the mortgage on it, an organ, sewing machine, feather bed, marble top stand, four rocking chairs, dining table, six black walnut chairs, picture, castor and a half a dozen each table spoons, knives and forks. To Mrs. Worden she left an album and half a dozen silver teaspoons. The rest of her property she directed her executor, Oliver G. Frake, to sell and divide the proceeds between Mrs. Worden and Edward P. Woodward. The will was executed in the presence of Daniel V. Asay and Nellie Asay on January 27th, 1897. On the same day a codicil was made in which a Brussels carpet and three bed quilts were left to Mrs.Frake.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, April 27, 1898

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