New Jersey Obituaries - April 27, 1898 - Joseph Poland

A Suicide At Asbury Park

He Borrowed Money to Get the Poison

Joseph Poland of West Asbury Park committed suicide on Sunday night by taking poison. He had been despondent for several days and had announced his intention of taking his life. On Saturday night he quarreled with his wife and she took their child and went to her mother's. on Sunday Poland complained of being sick and he borrowed 25 cents with which to buy some medicine. He then went home, accompanied by Edwin Disbrow, in whose presence he drank the contents of the bottle. Shortly after this Disbrow left the house and later in the evening Poland was found by his brother lying unconscious on the bed and with the empty bottle by his side. Medical aid was summoned but Poland died before the doctor arrived.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, April 27, 1898