New Jersey Wills - April 20, 1898 - James H. Peters

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New Jersey Wills - April 20, 1898 - James H. Peters

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James H. Peters's Estate

The Store Re-opened For Business Yesterday

Much Speculation Over the Disposal of His Property - The Funeral Last Friday One of the Largest Ever Held in Red Bank.

The funeral of James H. Peters was held last Friday. There was a very short service at the house on Broad street, and the body was then taken to the Red Bank Presbyterian church, where public services were held. The pall bearers, John S. Applegate, Henry S. White, Charles Henry Ivins, Isaac H. Adlem, Wiilliam A. Cole, and Fred W. Hope, were honorary and formal pall bearers. The body was carried by eight of the young men employed in Mr. Peters's store. The bearers were William Silvers, James Quigley, Walter Applegate, John Meredith, John McNeil, John Kearney, Elwood Brower and Robert Hibbetts. The church was crowded and many were unable to gain admission. The funeral was one of the largest ever held in the town. The business places of the town were closed during the funeral.

The floral offerings were many and they were very fine. They took the shape of floral pieces and of bouquets. They were so numerous that the casket was almost covered with them. The casket was of carved oak and was said to be the handsomest ever used in Monmouth county. The burial was at Fair View.

The service at the church consisted of a prayer by Rev. R. G. Davey and an address by Rev. F. R. Harbaugh. Mr. Harbaugh spoke with much feeling, and the congregation was more than once moved to tears. He eulogized Mr. Peters as a business man, as a citizen, and as a family man. During his address he read the comments on Mr. Peters's death which appeared in last week's REGISTER, and stated that those comments exactly expressed his ideas of Mr. Peters.

Mr. Peters left a will, and there has been much more speculation over its contents than over the will of any other man who died in Monmouth county during the past twenty years. Charles Henry Ivins has taken charge of Mr. Peters's estate, and this has led to the presumption that Mr. Ivins has been made executor of the will.

The Peters store was opened for business yesterday with the entire old force of clerks. The contents of the will have been very carefully guarded. Whether the business is to be continued or not depends on the contents of the will, or if there is nothing in the will mandatory on that point, the continuance of the business, for a time at least, will be in the discretion of the executor and the heirs. Under the New Jersey law executors have a year in which an estate may be settled up. It is probable that an inventory of the possessions of Mr. Peters will be made shortly.

The visible estate left by Mr. Peters consists of his store and stock on Broad street, his residence property on Broad street, his farm near Newman Springs, some real estate at Long Branch and other places, and his stock in the First national bank of Red Bank. The value of his estate is variously estimated at from $150,000 all the way up to $500,000.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, April 20, 1898

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