New Jersey Obituaries - April 13, 1898 - James H. Peters

James H. Peters's Death

It Occurred This Morning About Six O'clock

Death Was Due to a Malignant Tumor, With Which He Had Suffered for the Past Two Years, Without Hope of Recovery or Relief

James H. Peters died this morning shortly after six o'clock from a malignant tumor, from which he had suffered for the past two years. He was a son of James H. Peters, who died about twelve years ago and a grandson of James H. Peters, who began business in Red Bank in the spring of 1844.

From the time that Mr. Peters was first attacked with the tumor he realized that it would result fatally. He watched the progress of the disease with interest, but with wonderful courage and fortitude. He read all the medical books on the subject, and in the early stages of the disease he would frequently spend whole days in New York medical libraries, discussing the phases of the disease, and reading works on the subject in foreign languages.

His physician was Dr. W. B. Warner. While Mr. Peters realized the futility of an operation so far as staying the disease was concerned, he was prevailed upon to have one performed. This was done by Dr. VanArsdale at the New York cancer hospital. Dr. VanArsdale told him at the time that any improvement would at best be only temporary, and that the tumor would return. At one time Mr. Peters was strongly urged to go to Europe for treatment, but he abandoned this idea, as he said that a cure was impossible.

During the past two months the disease progressed rapidly. The tumor spread, and his shoulder and back became affected. For the past two weeks he had been delirious at times, and during the past few days he had but few rational moments.

Mr. Peters was a man of broad and liberal education, part of which was received at universities abroad. He was a student of art and literature, and he had a fine library, containing several thousand volumes, including many scientific works in French and German. He was also a fine judge of pictures, and he possessed some good examples of the various schools of painting. He was very much interested in the early history of Monmouth county, and his library contained many volumes of colonial history and local genealogy.

Mr. Peters, in 1890, married Mrs. Ella Green of Long Branch. She survives him, and he also leaves two children, a girl of five years and a boy of two. Mr. Peters was 47 years old, having been born in Red Bank on January 25th, 1850.

The business of James H. Peters was perhaps the largest in Red Bank and one of the largest in the county. The business was started in Red Bank in the spring of 1844 by Mr. Peters's grandfather. The business was conducted on the site of the present building. The place was conducted as a general store for hardware, house-furnishings, farm implements, seeds, etc., and was practically of the same character as it is to-day. In the early days of the business, feathers, old iron, eggs etc. were taken in trade, and this caused the business at that time to be known as "the pawnbroker's." Mr. Peters lived in a small house adjoining the store. When Isaac H. Adlem and William A. Cole started in the dry goods business, they rented this cottage and turned it into a store, and their business was conducted there for several years, and until they built their present store. When Adlem & Cole went into their own building, the store they vacated was converted into a part of the Peters store. After the fire occurred which destroyed the buildings on the west side of Broad street, the present five-story building was erected.

Mr. Peters was a very reserved man and had few intimate friends. When he learned the nature of his disease, and knew that he could not recover, he made all the business arrangements preparatory to his death. He left a will, but its contents have not been made public, nor did he ever disclose his plans for the settlement of his affairs even to those most intimately connected with him in friendship or in business. The store was closed this morning, and it will probably remain closed until the will is probated, as there is no legal authority for continuing the business until that is done. In addition to the business Mr. Peters left a very large estate.

The funeral will be held on Friday afternoon. A short service will be held at the house at two o'clock and at half-past two o'clock the funeral will be held at the Presbyterian church. The pall-bearers will be John S. Applegate, Charles Henry Ivins, Henry S. White, Isaac H. Adlem, William A. Cole and Fred W. Hope.

Per the Death Notice Mr. Peters was aged 47 years, 2 months and 18 days.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, April 13, 1898