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New Jersey Wills - September 29, 1897 - NameObit

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Henry C. J. Schroeder's Will

Most of the Property to Be Divided Equally Among His Children

The will of Henry C. J. Schroeder, which has been admitted to probate, leaves the bulk of his property equally to his three children. A legacy of $500 was left to Patrick Eagan, who was employed by Mr. Schroeder for many years, and a legacy of the same amount went to Misses Augusta and Sarah G. Hatfield of White street, who were sisters of Mr. Schroeder's second wife, and who had looked after his comfort for a number of years. His gold watch went to his grandson, and a special legacy of $2,000 was left to his daughter, Countess Pieri of Rome.

Jacob A. Geissenhainer of Freehold was named as one of the executors of the will, but he declined to serve. The other executors are his two children, Mrs. Alfred de Cordova and Anthony Drummond Schroeder, both of New York. The share of the estate which is to go to the Countess Pieri is not to be paid to her outright, but is to be invested by the executors and the income is to be paid to her.

Mr. Schroeder's estate in Red Bank consisted of his fine residence property on Broad street, which is valued at $30,000, and personal property to the value of about $5,000. He is said to have been the owner of securities to the amount of over half a million dollars in American and foreign bonds which were kept in New York.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, September 29, 1897

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