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New Jersey News - October 27, 1897 - Three Wills Probated

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Three Wills Probated

Those of Mrs. Jane M. Allen, George W. Bell and Patrick Oakes

The wills of the late Mrs. Matilda Allen of Allenwood, George W. Bell of Bridgeport, Conn., formerly of Matawan, and Patrick Oakes of Holmdel township, have been admitted to probate at Freehold. David Warner has been appointed administrator of the estate of Alice Butt; Henry Chamberlain of the estate of Moses Hampton; and Wesley W. VanHise of the estate of Laura T. Pearce.

Mrs. Allen ordered her personal property to be sold and her debts paid. She owned a house and lot at Allenwood and this is to be sold. The entire proceeds of her estate are to be divided among her three children, Oscar, George and Howard. Mrs. Allen's brother, Joseph A. Morton of Farmingdale, was appointed executor of the will and guardian of the children.

George W. Bell, father of David A. Bell, who died some time ago, left all his estate to his children, Mrs. Elvira Nicholson, Americus Bell and Franklin Bell, and to the child of David A. Bell. Money which he had loaned to his children in their lifetime will come out of their shares. Mr. Bell's estate is valued at $12,000 and is all personal property.

Patrick Oakes left to his wife, Bridget Oakes, all of his personal property and all of his real estate for life. At her death it will be divided among his grandchildren, Mary Oakes and John Oakes, children of John Oakes. The will was made on August 9th, 1897, in the presence of Patrick McDonough and William McDonough. The application for probate states that he left personal property worth $700 and real estate worth $600. It is thought that his estate is worth much more than this.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, October 27, 1897

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