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New Jersey Obituaries - October 13, 1897 - George Brown, Jr.

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Death In A Whirlwind

George Brown, Jr., Of Chapel Hill, Fatally Injured

A Gale Passed Over Atlantic Highlands Yesterday Afternoon - A Falling Limb Fractured Brown's Skull

A whirlwind struck Atlantic Highlands yesterday afternoon. Considerable damage was done to property and George Brown, Jr., of Chapel Hill, received injuries from which he will not recover.

The course of the whirlwind was from Leonardville out to the pier. Brown is a colored boy about eighteen years old. He was at work with his father on a house near the old schoolhouse on Spring street. When the whirlwind struck that part of the village a horse which was tied to the fence became very restless, and Brown and his brother went out to tie the horse more securely. While they were doing this the full blast of the wind came. A huge limb was torn from a tree, and in its fall it struck Brown on the forehead.

He was knocked insensible. Dr. VanMater was called and he found that the boy's skull was fractured. There were also a number of cuts on the head. He was sent to the Long Branch hospital last night and a dispatch from there this morning states that he cannot live.

His brother, who was with him when the accident occurred, was picked up by the wind, and he and the branch of the tree were carried sixty feet. He was knocked insensible, but his injuries were slight.

The wind tore a bay window off of Ralph's hotel, and the path of the whirlwind was strewn with limbs of trees which had been torn off by the gale. Shutters were torn from their fastenings, and other damage of a similar character was done. On its way out to sea the gale passed over the pier and weatherboards were torn from the signal tower.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, October 13, 1897

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