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New Jersey Obituaries - November 10, 1897 - Hon. William H. Grant

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Hon. Wm. H. Grant's Funeral

A Very Large Attendance at His Late Residence

The funeral of Hon. William H. Grant was held last Saturday at his late home in Middletown township. The service was conducted by Rev. Robert MacKellar, who was assisted by Rev. Joseph P. Taylor of Middletown. The bearers were Theodore Sickles, John S. Hubbard and George F. Cooper of Red Bank, and W. Struthers Jones, J. F. Swackhamer and Joseph T. Field of Middletown. The burial was in the cemetery near Mr. Grant's home, the ground for which was given by him as a cemetery many years ago.

The funeral was a very large one, over 200 carriages being at the house. Mr. Grant was very widely known, and he had a host of friends who wished to pay a last tribute of respect to his memory. While Mr. Grant was a liberal man in his contributions to the church, and to other organizations in which he was interested, by far the greater part of his benefactions were of an unostentatious character and were known only to those who received them. He felt specially called upon to aid the sick of his acquaintance. Fruits and vegetables from his farm, wines, cordials etc., for invalids, and not infrequently sums of money, found their way to the homes of those in distress. The private and personal benefactions dispensed in this way, and of which the public had no knowledge, were far greater than his acknowledged contributions to churches, charity, etc., though these latter were very large.

Many of those at the funeral told of kindnesses and aid they had received from Mr. Grant during periods of misfortune and sickness. The great gathering at the funeral was in itself an acknowledgement of the worth of the man, and this was accentuated by the numerous tributes paid to his manliness, his charity, and his tenderness of heart.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, November 10, 1897

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