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New Jersey Obituaries - November 3, 1897 - Judge Alfred Walling, Jr.

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Judge Walling A Suicide

He Shot Himself Yesterday After Voting

His Mind believed to Have Become Deranged - He Left a Note, Which Showed That the Act Was Premeditated - His Official Career

Alfred Walling, Jr., ex-Judge of Monmouth county, committed suicide yesterday morning by shooting himself through the head. Death was instantaneous.

Mr. Walling was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for surrogate, but he had no following in the Democratic party and the nomination went to Mr. Crater. It is thought that this fact preyed on his mind and unbalanced him mentally. Benjamin B. Ogden, the Republican candidate for surrogate, was his brother-in-law and his law partner. Many of Mr. Ogden's friends thought at first that he had a chance of election; but by election day it was apparent to every one that Mr. Crater would be overwhelming elected, and this may have had some effect on Mr. Walling.

The act was committed about ten o'clock. Mr. Walling voted at nine o'clock and shortly afterward went home. He went to his room and almost immediately shot himself. He left a note stating that all his business affairs were straight. For several days previous to his death he had been in a very excited and nervous state of mind.

Mr. Walling had settled up many estates, and he liked the business of the surrogate's office. He had a large practice, particularly in the orphans court, and was well-to-do. His wife died some time ago. He leaves two children, a daughter and a son.

Mr. Walling was law judge of Monmouth county from 1879 to 1890, and was a candidate for reappointment at the time that J. Clarence Conover was appointed in 1890. His ancestors for generations had been politicians, and were prominent men in the county and state. Mr. Walling was elected to the legislature from this county in 1895.

Mr. Walling, in addition to being law judge and assemblyman, had held a number of local offices, including those of commissioner of Keyport and school trustee. He had been a director of the Matawan bank and also of the Keyport banking company. For two years he was president of the Monmouth trust company of Asbury park.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, November 3, 1897

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