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New Jersey Obituaries - November 3, 1897 - Mrs. Kate (Smith) Luyster

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A Fatal Runaway

Mrs. Oscar Luyster Thrown From a Carriage and Killed

Mrs. Oscar Luyster of Morganville was thrown from a carriage at Matawan and killed almost instantly last Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Luyster drove to Matawan in a buggy on a shopping trip. Mr. Luyster went into a harness shop for a bridle which he had had repaired, leaving his wife out side in the carriage. He started to change the bridles and had removed the bridle from the horse when the animal became frightened by the noise of a junk wagon. The horse broke away from Mr. Luyster and dashed down the road. It had gone only about twenty-five feet when Mrs. Luyster half rose from her seat and was thrown violently to the ground. She struck on the top of her head and immediately became unconscious. She was carried into a house and a physician found that there was a severe concussion of the brain and that her neck was broken. She lived less than half an hour.

Mrs. Luyster was Miss Kate Smith, daughter of Isaac Smith of Morganville and she was married to Mr. Luyster about a year ago. She was 24 years old.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, November 3, 1897

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