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New Jersey Obituaries - Red Bank Register - May 12, 1897

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John Richmond Patterson.

John Richmond Patterson died suddenly at Freehold last Wednesday, aged seventy years. He was born at Freehold and with the exception of one year he had lived all of his life at that place. He had been in the clothing business for fifty years and worked at his trade until February of this year, when he was forced to quit on account of failing health. Mr. Patterson was one of the oldest members of the Freehold Presbyterian church and was a member of the choir of that church for 39 years. His first wife was Miss Kate Pearsall. John Patterson of New York was the only child of this union. Seventeen years ago he married again and his wife, with one daughter, Miss Florence Patterson, survives him. His funeral was held on Monday.

Mrs. Rachel White.

Mrs. Rachel White died of Bright's disease at Little Silver on Sunday. She was 64 years old. Mrs. White lived at Little Silver all her life. She was the daughter of Samuel Parker of Rumson. About twenty years ago she married William White, who died four years later. She was her husband's second wife, his first wife having been her sister. Mr. White left three children by his first wife. They are Mrs. Charles Lippincott and Miss Addie White of Little Silver and Mrs. Geo. Atkinson of Red Bank. He left no children by his second (sic) wife. Mrs. White's funeral was held at the house this afternoon, and the body was buried in the Methodist church yard at Little Silver.

Abraham Barkuloo.

Abraham Barkuloo died at Oceanic on Sunday morning. He had lived at Oceanic about 35 years, and for 25 years was bookkeeper for Dr. R. R. Conover and Dr. W. A. Betts. For several years he had been in feeble health. About four weeks ago he had a severe attack of vertigo. He knew that this was the beginning of the end, and told his physicians so. Last Thursday he had another attack, and after that his death was almost hourly expected. He leaves one son, Tunis S. Barkuloo. His wife and two daughters died several years ago. The funeral was held yesterday and the body was buried at Little Silver.

Parent Shutts.

Parent Shutts, father of Charles Shutts of Red Bank, died at Key East on Sunday night, aged 72 years. Death was caused by pleuro-pneumonia. Mr. Shuts leaves a widow and four children, all of whom except Charles live in Neptune township.

A Boy Killed

Armstead Richardson, son of Andrew Richardson of Central avenue, was run over by a locomotive at the Beach street crossing last Saturday morning. The boy's leg was cut off. He was taken to the hospital at Long Branch, where he died that night. He was seven years old.

One of Middletown's Most Prominent Residents Passes Away.

Thomas Leonard, one of the best known residents of Middletown township, died on Sunday afternoon of heart disease at Leonardville. He was born September 5th, 1815, in the old homestead where he died, having lived in the same house nearly 82 years. The old business stand at Leonardville, which was established by his father in the early part of this century, was kept by him for about fifty years, and was turned over to one of his sons in 1888.

He was the most prominent man conencted (sic) with the present town of Atlantic Highlands, and but for him it is doubtful if the town would have been brought into existence. He had occupied many positions of trust and was treasurer of the Atlantic Highlands association. For nearly forty years continuously he was postmaster at Leonardville, and the postoffice there was established through his influence.

In politics he was a Republican, he having been a Whig previous to the organization of the Republican party. He had always read the New York TRIBUNE, from the time it was founded by Horace Greely until his last sickness.

He was as active in church matters as in business affairs. He joined the Middletown Baptist church in early boyhood, and in 1852 he helped to organize


  • BARKALOO - At Oceanic, on Sunday, May 9th, Abraham Barkaloo, aged 82 years.

  • BOBST - At Asbury Park, on Wednesday, May 5th, Cyrus E. Bobst, aged 60 years.

  • BURT - At Freehold, on Saturday, May 1st, Henry O. Burt, aged 52 years.

  • ESTELL - At Asbury Park, on Monday, May 3d, Mary E., wife of Robert R. Estell.

  • HURLEY - At Hamilton, on Saturday, Mary 1st, Hugh Hurley, aged 86 years.

  • LEONARD - At Leonardville, on Sunday, May 9th, Thomas Leonard, in his 82d year.

  • MCDONALD - At Asbury Park, on Saturday, May 1st, Mrs. Phoebe McDonald.

  • MURDOCK - At Marlboro, on Sunday, May 2d, Charles Murdock, aged 42 years.

  • PATTERSON - At Freehold, on Wednesday, May 5th, John R. Patterson, aged 70 years and 7 months.

  • REEVEs - At Lincroft, on Thursday, May 6th, Joseph Reeves, aged 17 years.

  • SHUTTS - At Key East, on Sunday, may 9th, Parent Shutts, aged 72 years.

    Source: Red Bank Register, May 12, 1897

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