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New Jersey Obituaries - Red Bank Register - March 31, 1897

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Wills and Estates:

Three Wills Probated
Bequests Made To Monmouth County People
Mrs. Caroline Morford of Red Bank Leaves Her Property to Her son and Daughter - The Wills of Mrs. S. E. Swannell and D. H. Stryker.

Three wills have been admitted to probate at Freehold by Surrogate Crater. They are those of Mrs. Caroline Morford of Red Bank, Mrs. Sarah E. Swannell of Colt's Neck and David Henry Stryker of Marlboro.

Mrs. Morford left to her daughter Emily, who is the wife of W. A. Truex, all of her clothing, a watch, feather bed and bedding and any money she had advanced to her. The rest of her property was left to James H. Morford, her son, whom she appointed her executor. The will was made December 10th, 1884, Frederick W. Hope and Harriet Collins being the witnesses.

Mrs. Swannell, who was the widow of Thomas Swannell, left to her daughter, Emma M. Swannell, a piano, and to her sons, John H. McQueen and George W. McQueen, all of her household goods, to be equally divided between them. She also left those sons all the real estate bought of John E. Prothero, James P. B. Bennett and Daniel Hunt, to be divided between them or their heirs. To another daughter, Mrs. John R. B. Stout, she bequeathed the house and lot at Colt's Neck where she now lives, subject to a mortgage of $500. The rest of her estate Mrs. Swannell left to her sons, John H. McQueen and George W. McQueen, subject to further legacies. She provided for her daughter Emma, a home in the homestead with support, food and clothing until she becomes of age. After she reaches the age of twenty-one the executors are to pay Mrs. Louisa Vanname and Emma each $400 and to Mrs. Swanell's son, Charles D. McQueen, $24 a year as long as he shall live, this last to be a lien on the estate. John H. McQueen and George W. McQueen were named as executors and guardians of Miss Swannell during her minority. The will was made on December 16th, 1896, John Statesir and John E. Prothero being the the witnesses.

David Henry Stryker bequeathed to his daughter, Hazel G. Stryker, $600 when she becomes of age, the money to be invested and the interest and so much of the principal as necessary to be used for her support and education during her minority, the balance to go to her when she becomes of age. The rest of the estate was left to his daughter, Mrs. Florence B. Sickles, and his granddaughter, Erma H. Sickles, to be divided between them. The executors were also authorized to sell his real estate. Mrs. Florence V. Sickles and Obadiah C. Herbert were named as executors, the former to be the guardian of Hazel G. Sickles until she reaches her majority, without bonds. The will was signed January 6th, 1897, with John V. Nowlan and John A. DeRoche as witnesses.


James B. Vanderbilt.

James B. Vanderbilt died at his home in Raritan township on Monday of last week. His death was caused by pleuro-pneumonia. He was 56 years old and had lived in Raritan township all his life. Mr. Vanderbilt leaves six children. They are Mrs. John A. Walling, Mrs. Charles Andrews, Miss Lucy Vanderbilt, and Daniel, John and Timothy Vanderbilt.

Jacob S. Jones.

Jacob S. Jones, a well-known farmer of Marlboro township, died last Thursday of heart disease, aged 67 years. A widow and four children survive him. His funeral was held on Monday and the services were conducted by Rev. R. B. Fisher of Holmdel. The interment was in the cemetery at Holmdel.

Mrs. Mary J. Dennis.

Mrs. Mary Julia Dennis, wife of Charles H. Dennis of Shrewsbury, died this morning of heart disease, aged 21 years. She leaves one child, a boy aged four years. Her funeral will be held Friday afternoon at three o'clock in the Presbyterian church at Shrewsbury.

Aaron S. Van Mater.

Aaron S. Van Mater, a farmer of Holmdel, died Monday night in his 83d year. He leaves a wife, who is a sister of ex-Sheriff Rulief P. Smock. The funeral will be held to-morrow afternoon at two o'clock from the Holmdel Reformed church.

Mrs. Mary M. Lane.

Mrs. Mary M. Lane, wife of Tunis Lane, died at her home at Freehold last Friday. Her death was caused by a complication of diseases. Mrs. Lane was fifty years old. She leaves a husband and ten children.


  • BAILEY. - At Belford, on Sunday, March 28th, the infant son of William Bailey.

  • EDWARDS. - In New York, on Friday, March 25th, Mrs. Ann Letson Edwards, formerly of Oceanport.

  • FELLOWS. - At Ocean Grove, on Thursday, March 18th, Mrs. Susan Fellows, aged 57 years.

  • GILLESPIE. - At Branchport, on Saturday, March 25th, Mrs. Christina Gillespie, aged 76 years.

  • HULSART - At Matawan, on Friday, March 19th, Edward L. Hulsart, aged 18 years, 5 months and 13 days.

  • HAMPTON - At Freehold, on Thursday, March 18th, Kearney Hampton, aged 87 years.

  • JOHNSON - At Manasquan, on Tuesday, March 23d, Mrs. John A. Johnson.

  • LENT - At Asbury Park, on Sunday, March 21st, Mrs. Martha Lent, aged 71 years.

  • LANE - At Freehold, on Friday, March 26th, Mrs. Mary M. Lane, aged 50 years.

  • NEWELL - At Long Branch, Saturday, March 20th, Anna, daughter of Harry C. Newell, aged 6 years.

  • MELVILL - At Galena, Ill., on Wednesday, March 17th, Mrs. George Melvill, daughter of H. E. Ackerson of Hazlet.

  • PHILLIPS - At Long Branch, on Saturday, March 18th, Miller Phillips.

  • VANDERBILT - In Raritan township, on Monday, March 22d, James B. Vanderbilt, aged 56 years and 8 months.

  • VanMATER - AT Holmdel, on Monday, March 29th, Aaron S. VanMater, aged 82 years.

  • WOOLLEY - At Hamilton, on Sunday, March 28th, Joel Woolley, aged 81 years.

    Source: Red Bank Register, March 31, 1897

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