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New Jersey Obituaries - Red Bank Register - March 24, 1897

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  • William R. Maps, one of the oldest and best-known citizens of Monmouth county, died at his home at Long branch last Wednesday morning. His death was caused by a disease of the stomach from which he had suffered for three years. Mr. Maps was a man of great vitality and for over a year he had partaken of no solid food whatever. His funeral was held on Saturday from St. Luke's Methodist church and the burial was made at West Long Branch.

    The Maps family came to this country from Germany, Michael Maps, the great-grandfather of William R. Maps, settling at Long Branch, where the family had since lived. Mr. Maps was born September 4th, 1809, and was 87 years old. He was married three times, his first wife being Miss Mary A. Tucker of Deal. Two children of this marriage survive him. His second wife was Miss Susan A. Hampton, with whom he lived 39 years when Mrs. Maps died suddenly of heart failure. One daughter by this marriage also survives him. Mr. Maps third wife was Miss Anna Davis of London, England, whom he married in 1886, and who died four years ago.

    Mr. Maps was of an enterprising spirit had had been an active worker in the interest of the public schools of Ocean township. He also helped to organize the Long Branch banking company and was its first president, which position he held until his death. He was a member of the Methodist church for 74 years. The value of the estate left by Mr. Maps is placed at $150,000.

  • Mrs. Maria L Morris, widow of Cornelius Morris, died at Little Silver on Friday at the home of her son-in-law, Harrison D. White, with whom she had made her home for the past ten years. She had been sick about five days. Mrs. Morris was born on Long Island and was 91 years old. She was the eldest of a family of eight children, of whom all are now dead except the yongest (sp) Mrs. James L. King of Baltimore. Mrs. Morris leaves eight children, sixteen grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon at half-past two o'clock. The pall bearers were all sons-in-law of Mrs. Morris. They were James H. Minton and Archibald Minton of Fair Haven, Benjamin T. White, James W. Stout, and Harrison D. White of Little Silver, and Frederick Klanberg of Brooklyn. The body was buried at Shrewsbury.

  • Martin T. Bissell, a life-long resident of Matawan township, died of pneumonia at Matawan last Wednesday, aged 58 years. He was taken sick about ten days before his death. When a young man he engaged in the grocery business with his father and later he went in the furniture business. He had been a justice of the peace for twenty years, and at last spring's election he was again elected to that office. He was a Free Mason, an Odd Fellow and a Knight of Pythas (sp). He leaves a widow and one son, Edsell Bissell.

  • Mrs. Edward Edwards, a niece of Justice John C. Edwards of Eatontown, died in New York last Friday morning from a cancer, aged 45 years. She was born in Eatontown township and lived there until her marriage, about 25 years ago, when she moved to New York, where she had since lived. She leaves five children. The funeral was held on Monday at her late home in New York. The body was taken to Eatontown for burial.

  • Mrs. Margaret Griffith, a resident of Keyport for the past 23 years, died at the home of her son-in-law, Asbury F. Bedle, at that place, on Tuesday of last week. Her death was caused by heart disease. She was born in England, but came to this country when quite young. Three daughters and a son survive her. They are Mrs. A. F. Bedle, Mrs. A. F. Walling and Mrs. Bishop Carhart of Keyport, and Robert Griffith of St. Louis, Mo.

  • William Sutphin, a veteran of the late war and a resident of Marlboro, died this morning, aged about 70 years. He had been in feeble health for many years. When a young man Mr. Sutphin learned the blacksmith trade, but had not worked at it for many years. He leaves a widow and one daughter. His funeral will be held on Friday at half-past twelve o'clock.

  • Asher B. Robbins died of pneumonia at the home of his daughter, Mrs. James B. Rogers, at Tennent on Sunday of last week, aged 85 years. He was born at Allentown and had lived in this county all his life. Four children, two sons and two daughters, survive him. They are David and Henry Robbins, Mrs. J. B. Rogers and Mrs. John Gaskill.

  • Miss Lucy R. Kingman, a former resident of Red Bank, died at Mount Vernon last Wednesday, aged 44 years. She was a sister of Charles Kingman of Red Bank. The body was buried in Fair View cemetery.

  • Mrs. Lydia H. Buckelew died of pneumonia at Farmingdale on Sunday of last week. She had been sick only four days. She was the widow of Enoch Buckelew.

  • Mrs. Sarah L. Smith, one of the poineer (sp) residents of Bradley Beach, died at that place on Sunday of pneumonia, aged 63 years. She leaves five children.
      Per the Death Notice Mrs. Smith was aged 63 years and 4 months.

    News Stories of Deaths:

    A Diver Dies

    Ambrose Carhart, a former resident of Keyport, died at Palm Beach, Florida last Wednesday. Carhart was a professional diver. His death was caused by injuries received while making an exhibition dive the day before his death. His body was shipped to Keyport for burial. Carhart was 38 years old.

    A Fatal Farm

    Edward, son of William Brower, who lived near Deal Beach, died on Tuesday of last week of appendicitis. He was three years old. Mr. Brower works the Miller farm at Deal Beach and is the fourth farmer to lose a child which was born on this place.

    Found Dead In A Cellar
    Holmes J. Thorne Meets Death in New York

    Holmes J. Thorne, who lived near Keyport, was found dead in a cellar on Baxter street, New York, on Monday of last week. When found the body was huddled up in a heap, with the legs twisted under the body and the head under one of the arms. On the morning of his death he went by train from Keyport to New York, taking about $50 with him. When the body was found all this money was missing except ninety cents. The body was sent to Keyport for burial.

    Wills and Estates:

    Estates Go To Wives
    Wills Probated At Freehold Last Week
    Three Men Leave Almost Their Entire Estates to Their Wives, With Small Special Bequests to other Relatives

    Among the wills probated at Freehold last week were those of David Boyd of Red Bank; William F. Cawley of Long Branch; John Houlihan of Freehold; and Mrs. Catharine M. Little and Edward Solomon Brown of Asbury Park.

    David Boyd bequeathed to his daughters, Constance and Serena, to his son, Earnest , and to the children of his deceased daughter, Emily, $100 each. To his wife, Mrs. Sarah Boyd, he left all of the rest of his property except that to his grandson, Charles, he left his gold-headed cane; to his grandson, Ralph, his gold watch; to his grandson, Guy, his sailboat and rigging, to be used for the pleasure of all of his grandchildren; to his grandson Tracy, his book of medical recipes with the understanding that each of his grandchildren should have a copy; and to Charles Sickles all of his mechanical tools. He appointed his wife his executrix. The will was made February 9th, 1892.

    William F. Cauley left all of his estate to his wife, Maggie S. Cauley, and named her as his executrix. The will was made November 10th, 1881, and was witnessed by John C. Mott and J. B. Stewart.

    John Houlihan directed his widow, Mrs. Eliza Houlihan, whom he appointed his executrix without bond, to buy a burial plot for his interment and the interment of other members of his family, and to erect a headstone over his grave. He left $100 to his son, John Houlihan, and a like amount to his daughter, Mrs. Mary Coleman of Plainfield. The rest of his property was bequeathed to his wife. The will was dated October 13th, 1895 and Mr. Houlihan's signature was witnessed by Samuel C. Cowart and Michael Cray.

    Mrs. Little's will was made at Orange, august 29th, 1874. She left to her husband, George Little, all of her property of all kinds and appointed him her executor. He died during her lifetime and her relatives all agreed to the appointment of Edward R. Reynolds as the administrator with will annexed of her estate.

    Edward Solomon Brown bequeathed to his son, Joseph A. G. Brown, one dollar, and then gave him the rest of his property in trust for the maintenance of the testator's only daughter, Mrs. Emma Jackson, empowering him to sell any property that he thought necessary. All of the property goes to Joseph A. G. Brown at the death of Mrs. Jackson. Joseph A. G. Brown is named as executor. The will was made December 30th, 1896, with Abram P. Gant and Gustavus A. Lilliendahl as witnesses.

    Letters of administation (sp) have been granted in the estate of Phoebe E. Campbell, to Charlotte G. Cully; in the estate of Sarah A. Hold, to Charles W. Wardell; in the estate of Mary G. Morton, to Garrett C. Morton and George H. Newman; and in the estate of Hannah Maria Ashmore, to Dr. James F. Ackerman.

    Death Notices:

  • Antisell - At Keyport, on Thursday, March 18th, Thomas M. Antisell, aged 26 years.

  • Bissell - At Matawan, on Wednesday, March 17th, Martin T. Bissell, aged 58 years.

  • Combs - In Marlboro township, on Sunday, March 14th, James Combs.

  • Morris - At Keansburg, on Monday, March 15th, Mrs. Eliza Morris, aged 91 years.

  • Matthews - In Howell township, on Sunday, March 14th, Charles Matthews, aged about 50 years.

  • Matthews - At Fairfield, on Tuesday, March 16th, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph B. Matthews, aged 44 years and 6 months.

  • Orr - Near Perrineville, on Tuesday, March 16th, the infant son of David Orr.

  • Thorne - At New York, on Monday, March 15th, Holmes J. Thorne of Keyport, aged 36 years.

    Source: Red Bank Register, March 24, 1897

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