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New Jersey Obituaries - Red Bank Register - March 3, 1897

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Not Divided In Death
Husband And Wife Die Almost At The Same Time
David Henry Stryker and His Wife of Marlboro Die of Consumption. A Double Funeral Held on Saturday

David Henry Stryker and his wife Sarah, of Marlboro, both died last Wednesday night within two hours of each other. Both deaths were caused by consumption. Mr. Stryker had always lived at Marlboro. When he was a very young man he bought a big farm on the Marlboro and Freehold turnpike, and lived on it all the rest of his life. His brother, Forman Stryker, and his sister, Mrs. Maria Sutphin, owned adjoining farms, the three together having over a mile of frontage on the turnpike. He left very little estate except the farm, which is free and clear. He was three times married. He leaves two children, one by his first wife and one by his third. The former is Florence Sickles, a young woman, whose husband died recently. The other is a child two years old. Mr. Stryker was 66 years old.

Mr. Stryker's third wife, who died almost simultaneously with him, was Miss Sarah Stryker, a distant relative of his family. She was 36 years old.

The funeral of both Mr. Stryker and his wife was held at the Marlboro Baptist church on Saturday at half-past one o'clock. The funeral was conducted by Rev. M. N. Smith. The burial was in the family plot in the Brick church cemetery at Bradevelt.

    Per the Death Notice Mr. Stryker was aged 66 years and 6 months. Mrs. Stryker was aged 36 years and 1 month.
Dropped Dead In Her Yard
Mrs. Mary Conry Dies Suddenly of Heart Disease

Mrs. Mary Conry, widow of Martin Conry of Freehold, dropped dead in her yard last Wednesday afternoon. Since the death of her husband she had lived with her daughter, Mrs. Alfred Davison, near Jerseyville. She was in the yard talking to some boys who were employed on the place when she was stricken. Death was caused by heart disease for which malady she had been previously treated. She leaves three children, Mrs. Alfred Davison, Michael Conry of Trenton and Thomas Conry of Freehold. Mrs. Conry was seventy years old.

A Farmer Drops Dead

John R. Morris , a farmer of Middletown township, dropped dead last Wednesday from a stroke of apoplexy. Mr. Morris was a very stout man. He had eaten a very hearty dinner and stepped out of doors for few minutes to attend to some work. As he was about to reenter the house he staggered forward and fell dead. He was 76 years old and was in comfortable circumstances. He was married twice. He leaves a widow and a number of children. The funeral was held on Saturday. The pall bearers were William T. Wilson, J. G. Hulick, Garrett Luyster, William S. Heyer, William I. Stilwell and Stephen A. Johnson.

An Unknown Man Dies Suddenly

An unknown Frenchman, who had been living with Matthias VanPelt of Wayside for some time past, was found dead sitting in a chair by Mrs. VanPelt last week. He had been sick with pneumonia, but was thought to be better. Mr. and Mrs. VanPelt had left the house for a short time and on their return he was discovered dead. Nothing is known of his past life and no papers were found among his effects that would serve to identify him. He was about fifty years old. His body was buried at South Eatontown.

  • Job Compton died at Belford last Thursday night of old age. He was 75 years old and had been in feeble health for the past five years, although his eyesight and hearing remained good up to the time of his death. He was a farmer and had been married three times. His last wife was Miss Hannah Sheppard of Belford, who survives him. He had been a member of the Baptist church for the past sixty years. He was buried on Sunday afternoon at two o'clock from the New Monmouth Baptist church. The services were conducted by Rev. G. C. Williams and the interment was at the Belford cemetery.

  • Thomas H. Hartigan died of consumption at his home on West street last Thursday, aged 27 years. He was born at Morrisville and was the son of John Hartigan. He came to Red Bank about six years ago, where he lived until his death. A widow and one child survive him. The funeral was held on Monday morning at nine o'clock from the house and at ten o'clock from St. James's church. The services were conducted by Rev. James A. Reynolds, assisted by Rev. J. A. Lawrence. The pallbearers were Frank Haley, John Kelly, John and Dennis McCarthy and Lawrence and Joseph Carton. The burial was at Mount Olivet cemetery.
      Per the Death Notice Mr. Hartigan was aged 27 years and 3 months.

  • John C. French of Matawan died last Wednesday from an attack of Bright's disease, after a sickness of four weeks. He was in the express business a number of years ago, and for the past five years he had been employed as a clerk. He was unmarried and made his home with his two sisters. He was a member of Columbia council of American Mechanics, and his sisters will receive $525 from the order.
      Per the Death Notice Mr. French was aged 47 years.

  • Mrs. Walter K. (Vanderveer) Hopping died in childbirth at Chapel Hill on Sunday, aged 39 years. She was the daughter of Samuel Vanderveer of Colt's Neck. She leaves one child, a son about eight years old. The funeral was held this afternoon from the house at half-past one o'clock. The services were conducted by Rev. William V. Wilson.

  • Mrs. David Luyster, an old resident of New Monmouth, died yesterday at noon of old age. Mrs. Luyster was 83 years old and had lived in Middletown township all her life. She was a member of the New Monmouth Baptist church. She leaves a husband about her own age, but no children.

  • James Crumwell died suddenly at Pine Brook on Saturday morning. He was seventy years old and leaves several grown-up children. The funeral was held on Monday.

    Death Notices:

  • Dickens - At Newark, on Sunday, February 28th, Joseph Dickens, formerly of Red Bank, aged 51 years.

  • Iliff - At Bradley Beach, on Wednesday, February 24th, Mrs. Iliff, aged 86 years.

  • Morris - At Jersey City, on Wednesday, February 24th, John W., son of the late N. W. Morris of Manalapan, aged 49 years.

  • Thorne - At Keansburg, on Friday, February 19th, John E., son of Edward Thorne, aged 2 months and 14 days.

    Wills and Estates:

    John C. Parker's Will
    His Will Probated At Freehold On Monday
    His Entire Property Goes to His Wife and to His Brothers and Sisters - His Will Made Last Month A Bequest to William Loveless

    The will of John C. Parker of Broad street, who died about two weeks ago, was admitted to probate on Monday. The will was made on Thursday, February 11th, after Mr. Parker was down with his fatal sickness. It was made at his house and was witnessed by William B. Brower and M. F. W. Bristed. His brother, Robert F. Parker, and his counsel, Charles Henry Ivins, were made the executors of the will.

    All of the estate, with the exception of a trifling bequest, goes to his wife and to his brothers and sisters. This special bequest is made to William Loveless, who is generally known as "Bill Lovely," and who had been Mr. Parker's handy man for a long time. He will receive $200 from Mr. Parker's estate. The executors are directed to pay him the money in weekly installments of $3.50 each until the bequest is used up.

    Mr. Parker's widow gets a larger share of the estate than anyone else. She has the use, during her life, or until she re-marries, of the house and lot on Broad street, where she now lives. She also has the use of all the furniture in the house as long as she lives or until she re-marries. At her death or re-marriage the house, lot and furniture is to revert back to the Parker family and is to be divided equally among Mr. Parker's brothers and sisters. Mrs. Parker gets outright, as her own forever, the two houses and lots owned by Mr. Parker on the south side of Mechanic street, $500 in cash, and all the money left in the bank account after the debts which Mr. Parker left at his death are paid.

    The bequests to Mrs. Parker's brothers and sisters are as follows:

    To Robert F. Parker, eight shares of stock of the Merchants' steamboat company and $500 in cash.

    To Jeremiah C. Parker, six shares of stock of the Merchants' steamboat company and $500 in cash.

    To Joseph Parker, $1,000 is cash.

    To Tabor C. Parker, $500.

    To Sarah Jane Hance, five shares of stock of the Merchants' steamboat company and $300 in cash.

    To Deborah C. Lippincott, five shares of stock of the Merchants' steamboat company and $300 in cash.

    To John C. and Ernest G. Parker, children of William H. Parker, deceased, each $250 in cash.

    The residue of the estate, and also Mr. Parker's undivided interest in his father's estate, is left to his brothers and sisters, share and share alike.

    Mr. Parker's estate, exclusive of his real estate and of his interest in his father's estate, is estimated at $10,000.

    Interesting News of the Day:

    The Dey Family Records
    A Genealogy for the Family Now Under Way
    J. W. S. Dey of No. 121 East Twenty-Fourth street, New York city, is completing a record of the Dey family in this state, and especially of the Deys of Monmouth county. The first representatives of the Dey family came to this country about two hundred years ago. Fifty or more years ago a difference in the manner of spelling the name originated, and some branches of the family spell the name Dey, while others spell it Dye, though both are descendants from the same stock. Over a hundred years ago a book was written in Dutch, showing the relation between the Deys of New York and the Deys of New Jersey. This book was never printed, but was in manuscript, and was known to be in existence in this county sixty years ago. This is one of the documents especially desired to trace the genealogy of the family.

    Source: Red Bank Register, March 3, 1897

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