New Jersey Obituaries - June 30, 1897 - Andrew P. Swanson

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New Jersey Obituaries - June 30, 1897 - Andrew P. Swanson

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Killed At Seabright

Almost Every Bone in Andrew P. Swanson's Body Broken

Andrew P. Swanson of Seabright was struck by a locomotive at that place last Friday night and was instantly killed. One train had passed over the crossing and Swanson was crossing the tracks when he was struck by a train going in the opposite direction. He was hurled against a flaghouse with such force that the flaghouse was knocked from its foundation. He bounded back against the locomotive and the iron fence alongside of the track for a distance of sixty feet. Every bone in his body was broken except those of the left leg, and death was instantaneous. He leaves a widow and two children.

An inquest was held on Monday with E. S. Nesbitt, Sidney F. Elmer, Harry Benson, William H. Brehm, James Monroe Hampton and Charles Desch as jurymen. The jury exonerated the engineer and trainmen of all blame, but censured the railroad company for permitting the gates at the crossing to be out of repair, and also for allowing box cars to stand on the side tracks near the crossing, and thus prevent persons from seeing approaching trains.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, June 30, 1897

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