New Jersey News - June 9, 1897 - Wills Probated

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New Jersey News - June 9, 1897 - Wills Probated

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Distributing Estates

Five Wills Probated Last Week At Freehold

Mrs. Sarah Midminter's Mop Business to be Continued-John E. Thorne's Widow to Have the Use of His Estate During Her Life

The wills of the late Mrs. Sarah F. Midwinter of Oceanic; John E. Thorne of Middletown township; John H. Sickles of Atlantic Township; Mrs. Lydia C. Smith of Upper Freehold township; and Cyrus E. Bobst of Asbury Park, have been admitted to probate by Surrogate Crater at Freehold. James Enright has been appointed administrator of the estate of Matilda Woolley and Milton Tilton administrator of the estate of Henry Hurley.

Mrs. Sarah F. Midwinter left her organ to her granddaughter, Minnie P. Lewis, who, she said, was to live with her mother during life. The business of manufacturing mops conducted by her in her lifetime she directed should be continued, and five per cent derived from it paid to Tunis S. Barkuloo of Oceanic, on account of the interest taken by him and the kindness he had shown her. To her daughter, Annie H. Midwinter, she left the rest of her estate and appointed her and Tunis S. Barkuloo her executors. The will, which was signed on January 10th, 1896, was witnessed by Robert Murphy.

John E. Thorne directed that his funeral expenses and debts should be paid from money received from lodges of which he was a member. All movable and other personal property he left to his wife, Mrs. Irene A. Thorne, to whom he also left the use and income from his real estate during her life. Subject to this provision he left specified lots at Keansburg to his daughters, Lilly M. Thorne, Stella A. Thorne, Nettie E. Downs, Minnie Thorne and Ida Thorne, and their respective heirs. The rest of his estate he left to his son, William H. Thorne, subject to the above provisions and the payment of Mrs. Thorne's funeral expenses. Mrs. Irene A. Thorne was appointed executrix. The will was signed on March 27th, 1897, with Benjamin B. Ogden, James S. Eastwood and L. C. Raynor as witnesses.

John H. Sickles bequeathed all of his estate to his wife, Amanda Sickles, and to his son, James Sickles, to be used by both of them, share and share alike, until the death of one, when it is to go to the other, and his or her heirs. The will provides that the bequest to Mrs. Sickles is in lieu of dower. Mrs. Sickles and James Sickles are named as executrix and executor. The will was signed on April 19th, 1890. Wm. E. Curtis and D. V. Perrine were the witnesses to it.

Mrs. Lydia C. Smith bequeathed to her son, Thomas I. Smith, all of her estate, real and personal, during the life of her husband, Ruliff Smith, in trust, that he should furnish her husband a home on her farm in Upper Freehold township, with board and lodging during his life, and pay his funeral expenses. Thomas I. Smith is also to keep the property free from all incumbrance (sic), except what was on it at Mrs. Smith's death. At the death of Ruliff Smith the will provides that all the property, real and personal, is to go to Mrs. Smith's three children, Thomas I. Smith, Catharine H. Neff and Charles J. Smith. Thomas I. Smith and Charles J. Smith are the executors of the estate. The will was signed January 6th, 1891, with W. F. Gravatt and Holmes Patterson as witnesses.

Cyrus E. Bobst named Edmund E. Dayton as his executor and authorized him to sell at public or private sale all of his estate if necessary. The executor was also authorized to buy a lot in Mount Prospect cemetery at Asbury Park for his interment and to erect a gravestone to cost not over $200. To his friend Josie Hamilton, he left $50; to his niece Lizzie Truckmiller, $50, and to Edmund E. Dayton, $500. After the payment of his debts, the purchase of a cemetery lot and headstone, and the expenses of the settlement of his estate and the payment of the above legacies, the executor is directed to invest one-half of the rest of the estate and keep it invested and pay the income to the testator's brother, James R. Bobst. In case the income be not sufficient for the comfort, support and maintenance of the brother, the executor is authorized to use so much of the trust fund as necessary. Should any portion of the trust funds remain in the hands of the executor at the death of James R. Bobst, the executor is to pay his funeral expenses and erect a headstone, and pay the rest to the sister of the testator, Isabella Leight. The other half of the residuary estate is also left to Mrs. Leight. The will was executed on January 9th, 1897, John E. Lanning and Gilbert V. Ayres being the witnesses.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, June 9, 1897

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