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New Jersey Wills - July 21, 1897 - Ezekiel J. Mount

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Ezekiel J. Mount left to his daughters, Ann Amelia Gravatt, Mary E. Mount and Melvina C. Lewis, all of his furniture and household goods. To his grand-daughters, Emeline L. Robbins and Lydia R. Robbins, children of Matilda E. and William H. Robbins, he left $40 to be divided between them, this money to be taken from the proceeds of the sale of his personal property or real estate. To his daughter, Mary E. Mount, he left a certain cow; to Melvina C. Lewis, a specified cow and his interest in another; to Ann Amelia Gravatt, Mary E. M. Mount, Charles E. Mount and Melvina C. Lewis, he left all of his movable property or the proceeds of the sale of the same, except his cows and household goods, share and share alike. To the same four children he left four-fifths of his real estate or the proceeds of its sale, share and share alike. To the two grand-daughters mentioned above he left the other fifth and appointed their father, William H. Robbins, their guardian during their minority. His debts he directed paid from the proceeds from his real estate before any division of his property should be made. His son-in-law, Henry Clay Gravatt, he appointed as executor. The will was executed March 8th, 1892, with Reuben G. Strahan and William A. Britton as witnesses. William H. Robbins has died since the will was made and his brother-in-law, Henry C. Gravatt, will probably act as guardian for his daughters until they become of age.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, July 21, 1897

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