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New Jersey Obituaries - July 14, 1897 - Eleanor H. Roberson

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Eleanor H. Roberson, daughter of Ella and Charles A. Roberson of Monmouth street, died on Thursday afternoon. About four weeks ago the whole family was poisoned by eating ice cream and the little girl was made very sick. She apparently fully recovered from this sickness, but on Monday of last week, while returning home from Long Branch with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Voorhees Hutchinson, she was seized with violent pains in the stomach. Dr. Sayre was called to attend the child but he could do nothing to relieve her suffering. On Wednesday it was thought that the child was suffering from some intestinal obstruction and a surgical operation was decided upon as the only chance of saving her life. Dr. W. Gill Wylie of New York was telegraphed for and on Thursday morning he came to Red Bank, bringing with him a physician and two trained nurses. The little girl was operated upon and it was found that a portion of the intestine had become hardened, presumably by lead poison and that one of the intestines had become telescoped for a distance of about six inches. The intestine was pulled apart and was straightened. The operation was successful and the child regained consciousness from the ether which had been administered, but she was too weak to recover from the shock and she died a few hours later. Her age was three years and 23 days.

The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon at half-past three o'clock from the First Methodist church. The pall bearers were Charles Sayre, Archie Brown, Harold Brower and Joseph Conover. The burial was at Fair View.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, July 14, 1897

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