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New Jersey Obituaries - Red Bank Register - January 27, 1897

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A Veteran's Widow Dies At Colt's Neck

Mrs. Sarah E. (White) McQueen Swannell, widow of Capt. Thomas Swannell, died at Colt's Neck on Sunday. She had been sick with a complication of diseases for some time and at times suffered severely from kidney disease. About six weeks ago she was attacked with pleurisy and had to take to her bed. Her condition was considered dangerous, but she recovered sufficiently to be out again. Last Wednesday she went to Freehold and on her return she had a chill and she took to her bed again. Pneumonia set in and she was conscious only at intervals until her death.

Mrs. Swannell was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert White of Leedsville and was born in 1843. In 1862 she married the late George McQueen. Six children were born to her, four of whom are living. They are Charles, George and John McQueen, Mrs. John R. B. Stout of Colt's Neck and Mrs. J. F. VanName of Brooklyn. In 1880 she married Capt. Swannell. Two children were born to her by this union, one of whom, Miss Emma Swannell, is living. Mrs. Swannell had a large circle of friends who deeply regret her death. The funeral was held this noon from her late home, and from the Colt's Neck Reformed church at one o'clock. The services were conducted by Rev. S. R. Cummingham. The burial was in the cemetery at Rumson.

Per the Death Notice Mrs. Swannell was aged 54 years.

Charles W. Kelso, died of lung disease at Long Branch on Monday of last week, aged 46 years. About a month ago he was riding in a wagon when it upset. He received injuries which hastened his death. He was born at Long Branch. For seventeen years he was in the employ of Dodd's express as a messenger between Long Branch and New York. He had to leave this work several years ago on account of ill health. When the Asbury Park JOURNAL was started in 1876 he was employed on it as an advertising agent. He was a member of the Methodist church at Long Branch and was also a member of the Long Branch lodge of Odd Fellows. He leaves a widow and five children.

Joseph L. VanBrakle, Sr., died form an attack of paralysis at Branchport last Wednesday, aged 67 years. About a year ago he was first stricken. He never fully recovered from this stroke and a few days before his death he was again stricken. His widow and two children, Mrs. Daniel Carney, and Joseph L. VanBrakle of Long Branch, survive him.

Mr. VanBrakle was born at Hazlet. He learned the mason trade and worked at this occupation most of his life. About eight yeas ago he moved to Branchport. He was a member of the Baptist church, having united with the first Baptist church at Keyport when twenty years of age.

Per the Death Notice Mr. VanBrakle was aged 67 years and 9 months.

Miss Lydia A. Wyckoff, daughter of the late Garret W. Wyckoff, died at the home of Charles Aumack, near Tennent, on Saturday, January 16th, aged 76 years. Her death was caused by paralysis. She was born at Holmdel and had lived all her life in this county. One sister, Miss Rebekah Mason of Holmdel survives her. She left a will making a number of small bequests to friends and relatives, and leaving the bulk of her estate to the First Baptist church at Long Branch.

Reuben Savidge died at Asbury Park on Tuesday of last week, aged 64 years. He had been sick for over a year. His condition had been serious since last August. He was born in Philadelphia and when quite young he learned the carpenter trade. From 1857 to 1877 he was clerk in a postal station at New York. About twenty years ago he moved to Asbury Park, where he had lived ever since. A widow and one child survive him.

Mrs. Maria Thoma died at the home of her son, Charles Thoma, at Long Branch on Saturday, January 16th, aged 92 years. Her death was caused by bronchial pneumonia, with which she was sick two weeks. Previous to this time she had not been sick a day since she was a young girl. She was born in Prussia and immigrated to this country about 32 years ago.

Per the Death Notice Mrs. Thomas was aged 92 years and 9 months.

Mrs. Ruth Holbrook, wife of Robert Holbrook of Ocean Grove, died of pneumonia on Saturday. She was 29 years old and leaves a young son. A few days before her death fire broke out in the house in which she was. It was necessary to carry her to another room and the change and excitement hastened her death.

William J. Fennell died at Farmingdale on Thursday, January 14th, of consumption. He was a native of England, but had lived nearly all his life in this country. He was a veteran in the late war and leaves a widow and a daughter. The latter is married and lives in New York City. Mr. Fennell was 71 years old.

Mrs. Elizabeth Aumack of Manalapan township died on Thursday, January 17th, of heart disease. She was 87 years old. She lived five miles from Tennent church, and for the past thirty years she had walked to and from church every Sunday when the weather would permit.

John Longstreet Hunt, only son of J. Stryker Hunt, died of pneumonia in Upper Freehold township on Sunday, January 17th. He was sick only five days. He was a member of the Upper Freehold Baptist church, and a member of the Baptist young people's union.

Per the Death Notice Mr. Hunt was aged 22 years.

Edith Hallenbake, the three-year-old daughter of Obadiah Hallenbake of Lincroft, died last Thursday. She was taken sick with scarlet fever on Tuesday and died two days later. The funeral was held on Friday and the burial was at Fair View cemetery.

Per the Death Notice Edith was aged 3 years and 1 month.

Mrs. Ira Stricklin died at Ocean Grove of paralysis on Monday of last week, aged 28 years. She had been sick for the past six months, but her condition was not thought to be dangerous until two weeks ago, when she was stricken with paralysis.

Rev. Joseph A. Snyder died at Como on Friday, January 15th, aged 71 years. He had lived at Como for the past twenty years. He was insured in the Prudential insurance company for $235.60.

John Burns, who worked for Mrs. Mary Giffing of Eatontown for many years, died on Monday night.


  • Bertram - At Ocean Grove, on Wednesday January 20th, Mrs. Mary H.Bertram, widow of George W. Bertram.

  • Johnson - At Long Branch, on Tuesday, January 19th, Abram M. Johnson, aged 31 years.

  • Martin - Near Keyport, on Tuesday, January 19th, Eliza Martin, wife of Edward Martin, aged 70 years.

  • Polhemus - At Belmar, on Friday, January 15th, Mrs. T. C. Polhemus, aged 36 years and 6 months.

  • Paris - At Matawan, on Monday, January 18th, Mrs. Mary Paris, aged 32 years.

  • Patterson - At Freehold, on Monday, January 18th, Leon, son of Gertrude and George Patterson, aged 3 years, 6 months and 14 days.

  • Woolley - At Oakhurst, on Saturday, January 16th, Sabrina, wife of Lewis M. Woolley, aged 73 years.

    Wills and Estates:

    Five Wills Probated

    The wills of George B. Pettingill of Asbury Park, Bridget Sheehan of Keyport, Capt. Edgar Pearce of Manasquan, Priscilla Prettyman of Ocean Grove, and Elizabeth Spencer of Ocean Grove have been admitted to probate.

    George D. Pettingill appointed his wife, Nancy I. Pettingill, his executrix and after her death directed that his daughter, Adelia Pettingill, should serve in that capacity. He directed that the income from his estate should go to his wife during her life and at her death it should be divided among his children, Eliza B. Pettingill, Adelia Pettingill, John S. Pettingill, George D. Pettingill, and Susan E. Pettingill, one sixth to each. The other sixth the executrix was directed to hold in trust for his son, Jay P. Pettingill, until he becomes 45 years old, when it is to be paid him. The will was made May 23d, 1896, and was witnessed by David H. Wyckoff and Samuel A. Patterson.

    Mrs. Sheehan left all of her property to her husband, Jeremiah Sheehan, whom she named as her executor. The will was signed December 3d, 1896, and was witnessed by David Warner and W. Conover Smith.

    Capt. Edgar Pearce, who was drowned the day before Christmas by the wreck of his vessel on the Massachusetts coast, left all his property to his wife, Rebecca McClure Pearce, who is his executrix. He made his will February 16th, 1894. It was witnessed by Harry H. Dickson and Benjamin B. Pearce.

    The will of Miss Prettyman is in her own handwriting and is worded much differently from most wills. It was drawn February 22d, 1894, and was witnessed by C. C. Covert and Hoffman Covert. To her sister, Kate Morris of Ocean Grove, she left her lot, house and contents at Ocean Grove; to Ida Prettyman, a niece, a house and lot at Philadelphia; and to Lillie Prettyman two houses and any money she left at her death. The will is not explicit, it being hard to know where the last named properties are situated, but they are probably in Philadelphia. The will further states that Edward Purdy of Philadelphia owed Miss Prettyman $600, for which she held a note. This she directed to be a fund from which any member of the family might borrow who would give good security and five per cent interest, and who would use the money to accumulate money from its use. The will expressly states that Frank Prettyman, a nephew, having proved to her that he lacked business integrity, should not use one dollar of her money, no matter what security he might offer. Edward Purdy and William Prettyman were named as executors, but William Prettyman declined to serve.

    Mrs. Spencer appointed the Monmouth trust and safe deposit company of Asbury park as her executor and she left all of her property to that corporation in trust to sell and invest the proceeds, which is to be used for the support of her grandchildren, Annetta Thompson Behan, Frank P. Behan, Harry F. Behan, Albert G. Behan and George J. Behan. When the youngest of them becomes of age the principal is to be divided among them. The will was signed March 2d, 1893, and witnessed by John A. Githens and David Harvey, Jr. A codicil to the will, signed June 6th, 1893, bequeaths to her husband, David Spencer, a $3,000 mortgage made by Sarah A. M. Lane and husband to David Spencer, and by him assigned to his wife. Sarah H. Allen and David Harvey, Jr., were the witnesses to the codicil.

    John Nixon of New York has been appointed administrator of the estate of the late Charles Nixon.

    Source: Red Bank Register, January 27, 1897

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