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New Jersey Obituaries - Red Bank Register - January 13, 1897

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Mrs. Alice Florence (Thompson) Gordon, daughter of ex-sheriff John I. Thompson of Middletown township, died at Denver, Colorado, last Wednesday. She was in her 32d year. She was married to Charles I. Gordon, a lawyer of Red Bank, about twelve years ago. At that time she had $35,000. Her husband was made attorney for her and her property was dissipated. She afterward secured a divorce and three years ago she moved from Red Bank to Denver, on account of poor health. While living there she kept a boarding house. On receiving notice of her death some of her relatives went to Denver where the body was buried. Mrs. Gordon leaves three little children, who will be brought East.

Per the Death Notice Mrs. Gordon was aged 31 years.

John F. Hartigan, son of John Hartigan, died at Morrisville on Monday, aged 24 years. A long time ago he was taken sick with catarrh. Early last year he went to St. Joseph's hospital at Trenton for treatment. He was also treated by catarrh specialists, but derived no benefit from them. He was born at Morrisville and was unmarried. His funeral will be held from St. Catherine's church at Morrisville to-morrow morning at ten o'clock.

Per the Death Notice Mr. Hartigan was aged 24 years and 6 months.

Mrs. Sarah Holt, who lived at Matawan for the past forty years, died at the New York cancer hospital on Thursday, December 31st, aged 76 years. About two months ago she went to the hospital to be treated for a cancer. The operation was successful, but an inward cancer of which nothing was known at the time caused her death. She leaves one son, Joseph Holt of Minneapolis.

Miss Mary Naulty, daughter of Peter Naulty of Pleasant Valley, near Holmdel, died on Thursday of consumption, aged 24 years. She had been sick since last July. She was buried on Saturday from the Catholic church at Keyport and the funeral services were conducted by Rev. M. C. O'Donnell. The interment was at Matawan.

Mrs. Sarah Wardell, widow of Henry Wardell, died at the home of her son, Capt. Asher Wardell, at Long Branch, on Friday. Her death was caused by heart disease. Mrs. Wardell was the daughter of John and Amy Taber and was born at Long Branch on June 13th, 1819.

Per the Death Notice Mrs. Wardell was aged 77 years.

Laura W., the youngest daughter of Edward Bussell of Riverside avenue, died of spinal meningitis on Thursday, aged 14 years. She was taken sick only two days previous to her death. The funeral was held on Monday afternoon at two o'clock from Trinity church.

Mrs. P. M. Marsh died at Asbury Park on Thursday, aged 91 years. She leaves two sons who live in New York and one daughter, Mrs. L. Romain of Asbury Park.


  • Evans - At Ocean Grove, on Wednesday, January 6th, Miss Lizzie Evans.

  • Holmes - At Englishtown, on Tuesday, January 5th, Helen, daughter of William Holmes, aged 7 years.

  • Hughes - At Long Branch, on Sunday, January 3d, John, son of Edward Hughes, aged 7 years.

  • Ovens - At Middletown, on Monday, January 11th, Louisa H. daughter of Ephraim Ovens, aged 10 years.

    Wills and Estates:

    Edwin R. Sutphin's Will
    All His Property To Go To His Children
    His Widow is to Have the Use of All the Estate as Long as She Lives or Until Her Re-Marriage - A Son and Son-in-Law the Executors.

    The will of Edwin R. Sutphin, who died near Holmdel about a month ago, has been admitted to probate. The will itself was made February 3d, 1887, and a codicil was attached which was made December 6th, 1896, or only a very short time before his death. The witnesses to the will were John Statesir and Isaac Statesir, and the witnesses to the codicil were John Statesir and Will Ely.

    The will provides that all of Mr. Sutphin's debts shall be paid as soon as conveniently may be after his death. To his wife he leaves the use of all his property during her life, or as long as she remains his widow. She is privileged to cut timber from the property for fencing or other purposes, and she can also sell any part of it. She must keep paid up any interest that may be due on any indebtedness that may exist on any of the property, and must also keep the taxes paid. If she deems it advisable she may make advances to any of the children hereinafter named, but an account must be kept of this, and all such advanced moneys must be deducted from such childrens' share of the property when divided after Mrs. Sutphin's death or re-marriage. If she should re-marry, then the children named are to pay her $100 a year as long as she shall live.

    The children who are to inherit the property are John H. Sutphin, Sarah T. Smock, wife of Barnes B. Smock; Emily B. Patterson, wife of James Patterson; Mary Ann Heyer, wife of Kortenius Heyer; and Ella Smock, wife of Aaron L. Smock. These children were to share equally in the estate. If any of the children named should die, then their legal heirs were to inherit their share of the property. Aaron D. Sutphin, one of Mr. Sutphin's sons, was made executor.

    In the codicil to the will Eugene Ely, who is now the husband of Mr. Sutphin's daughter Mary Ann, was made co-executor of the will with Aaron D. Sutphin. The codicil provided that at the death or re-marriage of Mr. Sutphin's widow, the estate was to be divided among the children named in the will, except that John H. Sutphin was to get only half as much as each of the other children. Should the income from the farms and property left by Mr. Sutphin be insufficient to properly support Mr. Sutphin's widow, she may sell some of the real estate and the excess, after providing for Mrs. Supthin's needs, is to be invested by the executors. After Mrs. Sutphin's death the executors are to sell the real estate and settle up the estate.

    Contesting John M. Sharts's Will

    John M. Sharts of Atlantic Highlands, who died about a month ago, left a will in which he bequeathed all his property to his wife. His estate was considerable. Besides his wife he left three sisters, Mrs. Polly Stacy, Mrs. Cornelius Terry and Mrs. Lydia Terry of Port Gibson, N. Y. These sisters are contesting the will.

    Source: Red Bank Register, January 13, 1897

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