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New Jersey Wills - August 4, 1897 - Elwood H. Stokes

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Elwood H. Stokes's Will

Many Bequests To Methodist Church Organizations.

The President of the Ocean Grove Association Bequeaths the Bulk of His Estate to Religious Associations.

The will of the late Rev. Elwood H. Stokes, president of the Ocean Grove Association, has been admitted to probate. His estate is valued to $30,000, of which less than$2,000 is in real estate.

Mr. Stokes directs that a headstone and footstone be erected over his grave at Haddonfield, similar to those over the graves of his wife and daughter. To his sister and his two sisters-in-law, who live at Haddonfield and Germantown, Pa., he left $500 each. The personal property owned by Mr. Stokes in his house at Haddonfield he directed should be left there as long as his sisters-in-law should live. To a niece, Alice R. Stokes of Philadelphia, he left $500; to a nephew, Wistar H. Stokes, he left $1,000, and to two other nieces, Fannie L. and Louisa Stokes of Columbus, South Carolina he left $250. He also left to his nephew, Wistar H. Stokes, all his pictures, papers, documents, etc., except a life-size oil portrait of himself, which he left to the Ocean Grove association.

He left $500 in trust to keep his family burial plot in order; $200 to the American bible society; $1,000 to the Methodist missionary society; $1,000 to the Women's foreign missionary society of the Methodist church; $1,000 to Drew theological seminary, to be spent in helping poor young men to become ministers; and $1,000 to the endowment fund of Dickinson college at Carlisle, Pa.

Of the residue of the estate half goes to the loan fund of the Methodist church extension society; and the other half to the Ocean Grove association.

A codicil to the will gives $100 to each of his nieces and nephews who are not mentioned in the will. It also gives Wistar H. Stokes a bond and mortgage on his property in Ocean Grove, and ten shares of stock of the Monmouth cranberry company.

The will was made January 13th, 1887, and the codicil was made February 1st, 1895.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, August 4, 1897

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