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New Jersey Obituaries - Red Bank Register - April 28, 1897

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Christian L. Croxson.

Christian L. Croxson, proprietor of the Holmdel hotel, died at the hospital at Long Branch last Thursday. His death was due to cutting a corn on the little toe of his left foot, from which blood poisoning ensued. This was followed by other complications. Some time previous to cutting the corn he had frosted his feet, and they had not fully recovered from this injury when he cut the corn.

Gangrene set in shortly after the blood poisoning, and Mr. Croxson was removed to the hospital at Long Branch. The physicians decided that the only hope of recovery lay in the amputation of the diseased foot, but this could not be done on account of Mr. Croxson's enfeebled condition.

Mr. Croxson was born in New York, but while he was still an infant his parents moved to New Jersey. Mr. Croxson kept "Our House Tavern" at Ardenia, in Wall township, for many years. Afterward he kept the Aberdeen hotel at Matawan, and still later he moved to Holmdel, where he kept the village hotel.

Mr. Croxson leaves a widow, but no children. He was a member of Keyport lodge of Knights of Pythias, from which his widow will receive some insurance. The body was taken from the hospital to his late home at Holmdel, where the funeral was held on Sunday. The services were conducted by Rev. Henry Westcott and the burial was in the Fairfield cemetery in Howell township.

Francis Corlies.

Francis Corlies, a native of Eatontown township, and for many years a resident of Long Branch, died at Asbury Park on Sunday. He was about 65 years old. He was the son of Benjamin W. Corlies, who was one of the foremost surveyors of Monmouth county in his day. Francis Corlies married Miss Martha Cooper of Long Branch, who died a number of years ago. He leaves no children. He was a member of the legislature form the old second assembly district for three terms. He was for many years secretary and treasurer of the Eatontown and Seashore turnpike company. He was a popular resident of Long Branch but since his health failed he had lived at Asbury Park. His funeral was held yesterday and the burial was at the West Long Branch cemetery.

James P. Applegate.

James P. Applegate, a former resident of Red Bank, died at Nashville, Ill., last Thursday of grip followed by bronchitis. The body was brought to Middletown and the funeral was held at the Middletown Baptist church on Monday. The services were conducted by Rev. W. H. J. Parker. The burial was in the family plot at Fair View. Mr. Applegate was a son of the late William Applegate of Red Bank, and a brother to Mrs. Edward T. Hopping of Broad street, and a half brother to the late Thomas H. Applegate. He at one time owned the John Sutphin farm at Holmdel. He was a great lover of horses and always had a fast team for his own use. About 35 years ago he went West and engaged in the nursery business. He was 68 years old and was unmarried.

Nelson Roselle.

Nelson Roselle of Oceanport died last Wednesday night from an attack of the grip. He was 45 years old and had been flagmen at the New Jersey southern railroad crossing at Oceanport for the last three years. He leaves a widow and four children. The children are Myron, Charles, Arthur and Lewis Roselle. The funeral was held on Saturday afternoon at the Oceanport Methodist church and the burial was in Glenwood cemetery. Mr. Roselle had an insurance of $1,000 on his life.

Mrs. John Skelly.

Mrs. John Skelly of Belford died at the hospital at Long Branch last Friday from severe burns which she received on a Sunday morning about a month ago while starting a fire with kerosene oil. She was 24 years old, and leaves a husband but no children. The funeral took place on Monday from the home of her father, Joseph Maloy of Keansburg. The services were conducted by Rev. John O'Connor of New Monmouth. The body was buried at Mt. Olivet cemetery at Headden's Corner.

Mrs. Mary Smith.

Mrs. Mary Smith, widow of the late Samuel I. Smith, died of paralysis at West Long Branch on Saturday night after a sickness of two weeks. She was about 56 years old. The funeral was held yesterday at the Methodist church at West Long Branch, of which Mrs. Smith was for many years a member. She leaves six children, Wm. R. Smith, Mrs. Henry Joline and Kate Smith of Long Branch, Lydia Smith, John O. Smith and Benjamin Smith.

Thomas Dalrymple.

Thomas Dalrymple, a former resident of Holmdel, died at Hoboken last Wednesday of a complication of diseases, aged 32 years. The funeral was held last Saturday morning at Hoboken and the body was taken to Holmdel for burial. A widow but no children survive him.

Joseph Russell

Joseph Russell died at Fair Haven on Sunday of Bright's disease. He was 48 years old. He had been sick for the past year. A widow survives him. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon from the house. The services were conducted by Rev. J. P. Turkleson.


  • APPLEGATE - At Nashville, Ill., on Thursday, April 22d, James P. Applegate, formerly of Red Bank, aged 68 years.

  • BUZBY - At Asbury Park, on Friday, April 23d, Josiah Buzby, aged 84 years.

  • CROXSON - At Long Branch, on Thursday, April 22d, Christian L. Croxson of Holmdel, aged 41 years.

  • DALRYMPLE - At Hoboken, on Wednesday, April 21st, Thomas Dalrymple, formerly of Holmdel, aged 32 years.

  • GARDNER - At Ocean Grove, on Tuesday, April 20th, Mrs. Martha A. Gardner, aged 51 years.

  • GIBSON - At Jerseyville, on Monday, April 19th, John, son of Catharine and Cornelius Gibson, aged 4 months.

  • HESS - At Asbury Park, on Monday, April 19th, Miss Alice B. Hess, aged 19 years.

  • MASON - At Keyport, on Friday, April 16th, Aubrey, infant son of Eva and George Mason.

  • MATTHEWS - At Freehold, on Friday, April 16th, Burton Matthews, aged 77 years.

  • PERRINE - At Manalapan, on Thursday, April 22d, Forman Perrine.

  • PORTER - In Middletown township, on Thursday, April 22d, Thomas Porter, aged 23 years and 7 months.

  • ROSELLE - At Oceanport, on Wednesday, April 21st, Nelson Roselle, aged 45 years.

  • SMITH - At West Long Branch, on Saturday, April 24th, Mrs. Mary smith, aged 56 years.

  • WARD - In Millstone township, on Saturday, April 17th, Thomas Ward.

    Killed at a Crossing.

    William C. Hendrickson, a gateman employed at Long Branch by the Central railroad, was instantly killed by being struck by an engine last Saturday morning. He leaves a widow and three children. Mr. Hendrickson had been railroading nearly 35 years and at one time was conductor on the Southern road.

    Wills and Estates:

    Each of His Grandchildren to Get $100 - The Will of John M. Sharts of Atlantic

    Highlands to Stand-Two Other Wills.

    The will of John M. Sharts of Atlantic Highlands has been admitted to probate. Mr. Sharts had left all his property, after his debts were paid, to his wife, Nina M. Sharts, whom he also made his executrix. The will was made the first day of last December, and was witnessed by Amanda M. Watson and John E. Foster. When the will was offered for probate Mr. Sharts's sisters, Polly S. Stacy, Cornelia Terry and Lydia Terry, and a niece, Mrs. W. P. Gale, contested the will on the ground that Mr. Sharts's wife had unduly influenced him to make his will in her favor. The case came up in court several times. Last Thursday the taking of evidence was completed and Judge Conover ordered that the will be admitted to probate. Mrs. Sharts will therefore get the property.

    John Cullington of Red Bank, who died several months ago, left $1,000 to his son, William Cullington, and also left to him all of his right, title and interest in his brick building and lot on Front street, Red Bank, and all of his interest in his business, stock, book accounts and money in bank not in his individual name. He left $400 each to his son, Samuel J. Cullington, and to his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mary H. Cullington, wife of William Cullington. To his grandchildren, John H. Cullington, Frederick J. Cullington, Ella L. Cullington, Hattie T. Cullington, Deborah Cullington, John Cullington, Helen Cullington, William L. Cullington and Herbert Cullington, or their survivors, he bequeathed $100 each, to be paid when each becomes of age. In case of the death of any the payment is to be made to his or her heirs when he or she would have become of age. The residue of the estate he left to such of his grandchildren as should be living at the time of his death. The will further provides that, should the estate be insufficient to pay all of the legacies, the bequest of real estate and business to William Cullington should stand and all money legacies abate equally. The will named William Cullington and William H. Wood as executors. It was signed December 24th, 1891, with Henry M. Nevius and Theodore F. White as witnesses.

    A codicil was made January 16th, 1894 affirming the conditions of the will and adding John H. Whitmore to the list of executors. Henry M. Nevius and Edmund Wilson were the witnesses to the signing of the codicil.

    Mrs. Emily C. Holmes of Allentown bequeathed to Mrs. Mary R. Gulick, wife of William H. Gulick, the house and lot in which she lived on Church street at Allentown and all of her household furniture and wearing apparel. To Dr. John H. Wikoff of Princeton she left $300, and to Emily Holmes Henry, daughter of Isabella F. Henry, she gave $100. She directed that the rest of her estate be divided into nine equal parts, to be divided as follows; three-ninths to her sister, Anna C. Fithian; one-ninth to a niece, Mary Guild Waln; one-ninth to a niece, Isabella B. Hutchinson; one-ninth to a nephew, John Beatty Howell; one-ninth to a niece, Katherine L. Reynolds, and one-ninth to a niece, Susan H. Reeves. Charles R. Hutchinson was named as executor and the will was made on August 24th, 1896, with James H. Gordon and Joseph N. Hankins as witnesses.

    Louisa J. Dedia of Raritan township left to two nieces, Rachel Ludley Hunt and Eliza Jane Hunt, the use and income from all of her estate during the time both shall live and at the death of one the property is left to the survivor absolutely. Rachel Ludley Hunt is named as executor. A. Walling, Jr., and R. R. Brown witnessed the signing of the will on March 29th, 1897.

    Source: Red Bank Register, April 28, 1897

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