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New Jersey Obituaries - Red Bank Register - April 21, 1897

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Mrs. Esther Fenton.
Mrs. Esther Fenton, widow of Edward Fenton, Sr., died suddenly of heart disease early Tuesday morning at her home at Lincroft. She was stricken shortly after midnight and died an hour after the attack. She was 71 years old and leaves seven children. The funeral will be held to-morrow at the house at half-past one o'clock, and the burial will be at Fair View.
Isaac Odell.
Isaac Odell, who is well-known in Red Bank, died at his New York home last week. He left an estate valued at $100,000, of which two thirds will go to his daughter, Mrs. A. M. Allaire, Jr., with whom he made his home in New York. The remaining third of his estate will go the children of his deceased son, Frank Odell, whose widow lives on Front street, Red Bank.
Mrs. Lucretia Day Sewall.
Mrs. Lucretia Day Sewall, mother of the Misses Sewall, who keeps the young ladies' seminary at Freehold, died at Freehold on Monday of last week, aged 85 years. She had lived at Freehold for the past fourteen years. She was an invalid and had been confined to the house most of the time she had lived at Freehold.
Mrs. Ann McMahon.
Mrs. Ann McMahon, widow of John McMahon of Keansburg, died of stomach disease on Friday, April 9th, aged 65 years. She leaves two children, Mrs. Maria Ahearn and David McMahon. Mrs. McMahon was born in Ireland, but came to this country at an early age, and had lived in this state 47 years.
Mrs. Constance Brown.
Mrs. Constance Brown, wife of Tylee Brown, died at Como, in Wall township, on Tuesday of last week. She was Mr. Brown's second wife and was 71 years old. Her surviving children are Borden and Clarence Bennett of Long Brauch, Mrs. Martha White of Red Bank, and Mrs. Brocklebank of Freehold.
Mrs. Bridget Scanlon.
Mrs. Bridget Scanlon, wife of Patrick Scanlon, died at Marlboro on Saturday, April 10th, aged 61 years. Her death was caused by the grip, with which she had been sick only eight days. She leaves two sons and a daughter.
George Hulsart.
George Hulsart died at Georgia Schoolhouse, near Freehold, last Thursday morning. He had been sick only a few days, his death being due to an attack of the grip. He was 32 years old and leaves a widow and several small children.
Miss Carrie E. Vaughn.
Miss Carrie E. Vaughn, the only child of W. H. Vaughn of Clarksburg, died of pneumonia on Monday of last week. She was sixteen years old and was a girl of uncommon beauty of character.
Robert Springsteen.
Robert Springsteen, manager of C. A. Ely's farm at Perrineville, died on Friday, April 9th, after a short sickness. He leaves a widow and six children. He was 62 years old.


  • APPLEGATE - At Turkey, on Thursday, April 14th, the infant daughter of Charles Applegate.

  • BROWN - At Como, on Tuesday, April 13th, Constance, wife of Tylee Brown, aged 71 years.

  • CLAYTON - At Jerseyville, on Wednesday, April 14th, Millard W., son of Addie and Wilson T. Clayton.

  • DEAN - At Lincroft, on Tuesday, April 20th, the infant son of Harry Dean.

  • DEHAN - At Jersey City, on Saturday, April 10th, Clara, wife of Edward DeHan, formerly of Keyport, aged 26 years.

  • DEVERAUX - At Avon, on Wednesday, April 14th, William Deveraux, aged 81 years.

  • FENTON - At Lincroft, on Tuesday, April 20th, Mrs. Esther Fenton, aged 71 years.

  • HULSART - Near Freehold, on Tuesday, April 15th, George Hulsart, aged 82 years.

  • MASHLAND - At Philadelphia, on Monday, April 5th, Mrs. Elizabeth Mashland, daughter of Rev. J. E. Lake, formerly of Atlantic Highlands, aged 27 years.

  • McMAHON - At Keansburg, on Friday, April 9th, Ann, widow of John McMahon, aged 65 years.

  • MORRIS - At Keyport, on Saturday, April 10th, George, son of William Morris, aged 19 years.

  • SCANLON - At Marlboro, on Saturday, April 10th, Bridget, wife of Patrick Scanlon, aged 61 years.

  • SEWALL - At Freehold, on Monday, April 12th, Mrs. Lucretia Day Sewall, aged 86 years.

  • SPRINGSTEEN - At Perrineville, on Friday, April 9th, Robert Springsteen aged 62 years.

  • VAUGHN - At Clarksburg, on Monday, April 12th, Carrie E., daughter of W. H. Vaughn, aged 16 years, 9 months and 4 days.

    Wills and Estates:

    Most of His Estate is to be Held in Trust by Henry M. Nevius for Six Years - Several Other Wills Probated.

    During the past week there have been probated at Freehold the wills of Joseph Field and Mrs. Mary Gill of Middletown township; Mrs. Maria Morris of Shrewsbury township; Miss Ann Johnson of Matawan; Lucy L. Robbins of Allentown; and Henry W. Long of Englishtown.

    Joseph Field bequeathed to his three children, Rebecca, Joseph and Uretta, all the furniture in his house, to be used by them in common in his house until all of them become of age, and from thence as long as they might mutually agree to live together. When they decide to live by themselves they shall divide it equally among them. His jewelry silver, etc., he directed should be divided between his daughters at that time. He named Henry M. Nevius as executor and left to him, to be held in trust for his two daughters, all of his real estate situated on the east side of the Middletown turnpike, to be held for six years after Mr. Field's death, the profits to be paid to the daughters annually. At the end of the six years the property is to become theirs. His safe and gun he left to his son, Joseph. All of the rest of his real estate in Middletown township, and all of his stock and farming implements, he left to his executor to be held in trust for six years after his death, with power to sell or replace, the profits from this part of the estate to be paid annually to his son, Joseph. At the end of the six years all of the stock and farming implements are to become the property of Joseph field. He is also to have the use of the lands for life, and at his death they are to go to his heirs, subject to a right of the daughters to take what marl from any of the beds that they may need for the use of the lands bequathed them as long as they shall own them. He also left $20,000 to his executor in trust for six years after his death. The interest of this sum is to be paid annually to his daughters equally, and they are to receive the entire amount at the end of the six years. The rest of the estate was also left to the executor in trust for six years, the profits to go to all three children equally. At the end of six years the principal is to go to them share and share alike. Mr. Nevius was also appointed guardian of the children until they became of age, for the will was made June 10th, 1888. Edmund Wilson and Theodore F. White witnessed Mr. Field's signature.

    Mrs. Maria Morris of Shrewsbury township bequeathed to her daughter, Adelaide Stout, a desk, looking-glass, cane seat rocker, mahogany table and cover; to her grandson, Frederick R. Stout, she left certain furniture and silverware, and to Amanda M. White, a bed. She left her farm near Tinton Falls to her son, Augustus Morris, for life, and directed that, at his death, it should go to all of her children, Mary E. Morris, Cornelia A. Minton, Emily Minton, Charlotte White, Adelaide Stout, Julia F. Klansbury and Amanda M. White, and to her grandson, Frederick R. Stout. The will stated that if the executors had to sell any of the real estate for the payment of the debts and funeral expenses of Mrs. Morris, this bequest should not apply. Should Augustus Morris leave lawful issue, the will says his child or children shall also have a share in the property after his death. Adelaide Stout and Frederick R. Stout were left the use and control of two rooms in the house on the farm with the right of ingress and egress, this privilege to cease at the death of Augustus Morris and the privilege never to be sold. James H. Patterson and Adelaide Stout were named as executors. The will was made August 11th, 1885, with Barzillai Henderickson and John W. Bennett as witnesses.

    Mrs. Mary Gill of Middletown township directed by her will that a headstone to cost $100 be erected over her grave. She left $600 to her daughter, Mrs. Kate Mulligan, wife of Daniel Mulligan, and $800 to another daughter, Mrs. Mary Ann Hoppigan, wife of George Hoppigan. She left to her son, Thomas Gill, her two houses and farm in Middletown township, subject to the payment of the above legacies to his sisters. Mrs. Gill directed that they be not paid until seven years after her death, and in case Thomas Gill does not then make the payments, the farm is to be sold. She left all her personal property also to Thomas Gill. The will was made August 1st, 1896, with Joseph Reilly and John F. Stout as witnesses. Thomas Gill is the executor of the will.

    Miss Ann Johnson of Matawan left $2,000 to her nephew, James W. Cottrell, and to James F. Cottrell, another nephew, she left $553.82, and directed that all indebtedness from him to her, which she estimated at $1,446.18, be canceled. To Andrew J. Cartan, Kate Cartan, Rens. Cartan, Garret Cartan, Alice Cartan, Andrew Cottrell, Mary Ann Cottrell, Garret Cottrell and Laura Cottrell she left $1,000 each, and she bequeathed her house and lot at Matawan to Bert Cartan. She left various articles of silverware, furniture, books, etc., to Kate Cartan, Alice Cartan, Bert Cartan, Mrs. Mell Cottrell, Laura Cottrell and Mary Ann Cottrell. One hundred dollars is to go the consistory of the Reformed church of Spottswood, the interest from which she ordered applied to the care of the cemetery lot there. The rest of her estate she directed should be divided among Kate Cartan, Alice Cartan, Laura Cottrell, Mary Ann Cottrell, Andrew J. Cartan, Bert Cartan, Rens. Cartan, Garret Cartan, Bert Cartan, Andrew J. Cottrell and Garret Cottrell. Renssalaer W. Dayton and Edward E. Dayton were named as executors. The will was made April 23d, 1896, with P. J. Devlin and Jennie La Rue as witnesses to her signature.

    Mrs. Lucy L. Robbins of Allentown made her will July 27th, 1887, with Frank P. McDermott and J. Clarence Conover as witnesses to her signature. She left her Paisley shawl to her sister-in-law, Mrs. Abigail Savidge. She left all of her wardrobe not otherwise disposed of to her sister, Mrs. Phebe Ann Stevenson, and to Mrs. Stevenson, Miss Phebe Ann Stevenson and Miss Christina Savidge she left $200 each. A small bureau was left to her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mary E. Robbins, and the rest of her estate, for life, she left to her son, Charles Robbins. At his death she directed that it go to her grandson, Chilion Robbins. She directed that no headstone or other monument be erected over her grave, but that her name be put on her husband's gravestone. A codicil was made to her will December 31st, 1895, as Chilion Robbins had died after the making of the will. In the codicil Mrs. Robbins directed that the residue of her estate should go to her son, Charles Robbins, and his heirs. Charles A. Spaulding and Edward Dilatush witnessed the signing of the codicil.

    Henry W. Long of Englishtown bequeathed all of his estate to his executors, Dr. I. S. Long and Samuel C. Cowart, in trust. They were directed to invest all of the estate in mortgages on real estate and to pay the net income half-yearly to his sister, Miss Harriet M. Long, during her life. At her death they were directed to pay to his niece, Mrs. Florence S. Cowart, $300 of the principal and divide the rest of the estate equally among his sisters and brothers, Mrs. Cornelius Shepherd, Mrs. Watson F. Shepherd and Dr. Isaac S. Long, or their heirs in case of the death of any of them. His furniture and keepsakes are to be distributed among his brothers and sisters. The will was signed March 26, 1897, with D. F. McDonald and Josiah Woodward as witnesses.

    Letters of administration have been granted where there no wills in the estate of Alice F. Gordon, to John I. Thompson, administrator; in the estate of Lillie J. Williams, to John Williams administrator; in the estate of Jacob Truex, to Josephine Truex, administratrix; and in the estate of William H. Liming, to John A. Liming and George Bailey, administrators.

    Source: Red Bank Register, April 21, 1897

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