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New Jersey Obituaries - Red Bank Register - April 14, 1897

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Mrs. John H. DeRoche.

Mrs. John H. DeRoche of Freehold died at the home of her father, David H. Woolley of Long Branch, last Friday night. Mrs. DeRoche was formerly Miss Dora Woolley and she was married to Mr. DeRoche in January of last year. Her death was caused by Bright's disease, with which she had been confined to her bed about three weeks. She was 22 years old. The funeral was held at Long Branch Monday afternoon, Rev. C. B. Fisher of Freehold officiating. The burial was in the West Long Branch cemetery.

Mrs. Deborah Warner.

Mrs. Deborah Warner died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John S. West, at North Long Branch, last Thursday. Mrs. Warner was 83 years old and had always lived in Ocean township. Three children survive her. They are Mrs. Abner H. West of Seabright, Mrs. John S. West of North Long Branch, and Nelson Warner of Long Branch.

Mrs. M. E. Perkins.

Mrs. M. E. Perkins, who for many years conducted a private school at Red Bank, died at Bethlehem, Pa., on Monday. The funeral was held to-day and the body was buried in Greenwood cemetery in Brooklyn.

Mrs. Margaret Brinley.

Mrs. Margaret Brinley of Long Branch died of heart disease on Sunday of last week. She was sick but fifteen minutes. She was 74 years old and leaves a husband and three children.

Mrs. Amelia Bailey.

Mrs. Amelia Bailey, wife of Theodore Bailey, died of consumption at Keyport on Tuesday of last week. She was 21 years old and leaves a husband and one child.

Mrs. Hilda Edwards.

Mrs. Hilda Edwards, wife of George Edwards, died of cancer at Long Branch on Monday of last week. She was 31 years old.

Mrs. Margaret Patterson Dies in a Spasm.
Mrs. Margaret Patterson, wife of William Patterson of Keyport, and a daughter of Richard Dwyer of Shrewsbury, died suddenly on Tuesday night of last week. She was 25 years old. A few friends were visiting her that night and they spent the evening in dancing. Shortly after their departure she went into a spasm and immediately became unconscious. She could not be revived. A doctor was called in, but he was unable to be of any benefit to her.

An autopsy was performed under the direction of Coroner Anderson and it was found that her death was due to water on the lungs. Her funeral was held on Friday from St. James's church at Red Bank.


  • ARMSTRONG-At Freehold, on Friday, April 2d, Mrs. Kate Armstrong, aged 33 years.

  • BAILEY-At Keyport, on Tuesday, April 6th, Mrs. Amelia Bailey, aged 21 years 3 months and 10 days.

  • BRINLEY-At Long Branch, on Sunday, April 4th, Mrs. Margaret Brinley, aged 74 years.

  • DeROCHE-At Long Branch, on Friday, April 9th, Dora, wife of John M. DeRoche of Freehold, aged 22 years.

  • DEVEREUX-At Avon, on Thursday, April 8th, Mrs. Charlotte Devereux, aged 61 years.

  • EDWARDS-At Long Branch, on Monday, April 5th, Mrs. Hilda Edwards, aged 31 years.

  • FAGAN-At Matawan, on Tuesday, April 6th, George Fagan, Sr., aged 83 years.

  • GEAR-At Freehold, on Monday, April 5th, James Gear, aged 77 years.

  • LAYTON-At Bradley Beach, on Tuesday, April 6th, Thomas R. Layton, Sr., aged 65 years.

  • LEWIS-At Matawan, on Saturday, April 3d, Raymond J., son of Daniel Lewis, aged 9 months.

  • PATTERSON-At Keyport, on Tuesday, April 6th, Mrs. Margaret Patterson, aged 25 years and 10 months.

  • PERKINS-At Bethlehem, Pa., on Monday, April 12th, Mrs. M. E. Perkins, formerly of Red Bank.

  • RAINEAR-At Asbury Park, on Wednesday, April 7th, Miss Mariette Rainear, aged 22 years.

  • SCUDDER-At Asbury Park, on Tuesday, April 6th, Mrs. Sarah Ruth Scudder, aged 65 years.

  • WARNER-At North Long Branch, on Thursday, April 8th, Mrs. Deborah Warner, aged 88 years.

    Wills and Estates:

    She Lived at One Time in Shrewsbury Township - Mrs. Maria M. Dermott's Estate Goes to Her Four Daughters.

    The wills of the late Mrs. Maria M. Dermott of Red Bank, Mrs. Rachel Cottrell of Matawan, and Mrs. Keziah M. Wright of Wall township, have been admitted to probate.

    Mrs. Maria M. Dermott of Red Bank left $500 apiece to each of her daughters, Ellen Dermott, Kate P. Bronk, Maria Dermott and Bessie Dermott. To Maria Dermott she left the use of her house and lot at Plainfield for ten years, she to pay the taxes. The will provides that at the expiration of this term, the executors are to sell the property and divide the proceeds between Ellen Dermott, Kate P. Bronk, Maria Dermott and Bessie Dermott. Ellen Dermott and Bessie Dermott were appointed as executrices. The will was signed November 7th, 1872, with Henry M. Nevius and John S. Applegate as witnesses.

    There are five codicils to the will of Mrs. Cottrell, against which a contest was recently started and abandoned. The original will was made September 20th, 1882, when she lived in Shrewsbury township. She left to her daughter, Mrs. Hannah A. Lisk, all of her silverware, jewelry, watch and all household goods at that time in her possession. She left her horse to her grandson, Oscar Lisk, and her gold spectacles to her son-in-law, John F. Lisk. The rest of her estate, including her interest in the estate of her deceased son, Jonathan P. Cooper, she directed should be divided among her sons, William Cottrell, Holmes Cottrell and Sylvanus Cottrell; her daughter, Hannah A. Lisk; her grandson, Francis M. Lambertson; and her son-in-law, John F. Lisk. She also named John M. Lisk as her executor. John S. Applegate and Fred W. Hope witnessed this will. In her first codicil she gave to her grandson, Oscar Lisk, after the payment of the special legacies to him and to Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lisk, an equal undivided one-seventh share of her residuary estate, to the effect that he would receive a share equally with the other legatees mentioned. The second codicil directed that the bequest made to Mrs. Cottrell's grandson, Francis M. Lambertson, should be held in trust for him by Mrs. Hannah A. Lisk. She was directed to buy a house and lot for his use and to invest the balance of the bequest in first-class securities and pay the interest to him. In the third codicil Mrs. Cottrell provided that the interest of her son, Sylvanus Cottrell in her estate should be only what he would be entitled to as an heir at law. The principal sum of his inheritance she directed should not be controlled or used by him, but only the interest, and at his death the principal was to descend to his daughter, Melissa Cottrell, and her heirs. This codicil was witnessed by E. A. Dunn, C. W. Lisk and Frank Bill. Before Mrs. Cottrell made her fourth codicil she had bought a house and lot for her grandson, Francis M. Lambertson, and she changed her bequest to him made in her second codicil by directing that the consideration which she had paid for the property should be deducted from his share of her estate. The one-seventh share of her estate given to Holmes Cottrell she bequeathed to her executor in trust for the use and support of Holmes Cottrell and his wife during their lives. If the interest should be insufficient for their needs a part of the principal can be made over to them. At the death of both their share of the estate goes to their heirs at law. Mrs. Cottrell made her last codicil in 1892. Oscar Lisk had died and his share of Mrs. Cottrell's residuary estate was bequeathed to his daughter Lelie Lisk. Mrs. Cottrell also left to Lelie Lisk all other bequests which had been made to her father, Oscar Lisk.

    Mrs. Keziah M. Wright of Wall township left all of her property, both real and personal, to her daughter, Jennie Frances Ford, wife of William F. Ford of Wall township, whom she also named as her executrix. The will was made December 7th, 1894, with Henry S. Cross and Benjamin B. Pearce as witnesses to her signature.

    Letters of administration have been granted in the estate of Emma P. Williamson, to Ellen VanDoren and Sarah H. Conover; in the estate of August Schwarting, to Clarence G. VanNote; in the estate of George W. Rogers, to Albert F. Rogers and George E. Rogers; in the estate of Thomas Griffen, to Martin Griffen; in the estate of Sarah M. Coward, to Frank M. Coward; and in the estate of Alice F. Gordon, to John I. Thompson.

    Source: Red Bank Register, April 14, 1897

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