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Obituaries   >   New Jersey   >   September 16,   1896


Levi G. Irwin, Sr.

Levi G. Irwin, Sr., died at the home of his son, Levi G. Irwin, Jr., at Seabright, on Thursday night, aged 77 years. His death was caused by cholera morbus. Mr. Irwin lived at Turkey, in Howell township, and was visiting his son at the time of his death. He had been a justice of the peace for forty consecutive years and for twenty years was a member of the township committee. He had been a member of the Baptist church for fifty years and was a life-long Democrat.

William A. Walling.

William A. Walling, son of Joseph W. Walling, died of typhoid fever at Hazlet on Friday. He was 27 years old and leaves a widow. He was a member of the Royal Arcanum and his widow will receive $3,000 from the lodge.

William H. Heyer.

William Hudson Heyer died of inflammation of the bladder at Marlboro on Friday, September 4th, aged 66 years. He was a school teacher, and at one time was postmaster at Marlboro. He leaves a widow and four children.

Samuel B. Franklin.

Samuel B. Franklin, a farmer at Tinton Falls, died on Sunday of typhoid fever and pneumonia. He was 34 years old and leaves a widow.

A Suicide at Farmingdale.

Frederick Conley of Freehold, aged about 33 years, committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a revolver at Farmingdale. Conley and his wife had been separated for about six months on account of his intemperate habits, it is alleged, and she has been living with her father, William J. Cottrell, at Farmingdale. Conley went there to see her and Cottrell would not allow him to do so. Conley went up the road about fifty yards, and, after passing Joseph Tilton, to whom he spoke pleasantly, shot himself in the right temple and death was instantaneous. He leaves a widow and two small children.


  • BENNETT - At Ocean Grove, on Sunday, September 13th, Mrs. Frank E. Bennett, aged 40 years.

  • FRANKLIN - At Tinton Falls, on Sunday, September 13th, Samuel B. Franklin, aged 34 years.

  • GROFF - At Asbury Park, on Wednesday, September 9th, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Groff, aged 60 years.

  • HEYER - At Marlboro, on Friday, September 4th, William H. Heyer, aged 68 years and 8 months.

  • HULSE - At Turkey, on Wednesday, September 9th, John Hulse, aged 59 years.

  • KELLY - At South Eatontown, on Wednesday, September 9th, Marietta, daughter of the late William Kelly.

  • MILLER - At Milhurst, on Thursday, September 3d, Leon, infant son of Howard Miller.

  • MULHEARN - At Long Branch, on Wednesday, September 9th, Mary, wife of Thomas Mulhearn, aged 52 years.

  • WALLING - At Hazlet, on Friday, September 11th, William A. Walling, aged 27 years and 9 months.

  • WEBSTER - At Long Branch, on Friday, September 11th, Charles Webster, aged 20 years.

    Source: Red Bank Register, September 16, 1896

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