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Miss L. C. Hance.

Miss L. C. Hance, a sister of Mrs. Walter H. Borden, died at the home of the latter at the corner of Front and Washington streets, Red Bank, on Friday night from paralysis. She was sixty years old and had made her home with her sister for the past ten years. About two years ago she was stricken with paralysis. This was a mild stroke and she speedily recovered from its effects. About three months ago she was again stricken, and on Wednesday morning last she received a third stroke. This third stroke was severe and resulted in her death on Friday night. Miss Hance left no real estate, but she left a considerable amount in personal property. The funeral was held on Monday afternoon. Miss Hance was a Quaker and at the funeral addresses were made by Mrs. Frances Williams, wife of Thomas Williams of Oceanport, and by John Schotwell of Asbury Park. The bearers were George Borden, George Borden Jr., Frank C. Byram and J. E. Borden of Eatontown.

Peter Stout, Sr.

Peter Stout, Sr., a farmer near Hazlet, died suddenly at the home of his son-in-law, Melville P. Yard, at Keyport on Saturday, September 24th. On the day he died he drove to Keyport to attend to some business. Before starting for home he stopped in to see his son-in-law and soon afterward he was attacked with a fainting spell. He revived in a short time and got ready to return home, but was seized with another fainting spell and died in a few minutes. His death was caused by heart disease, with which he had suffered a number of years. Mr. Stout was born at Irwin's mills, in Middletown township, on March 13th, 1815. When he was seventeen years old he moved to Hazlet and had lived there the rest of his life. His wife died three years ago. Five children survive him. They are Alvin Stout, Peter Stout, Jr., Thomas Y. Stout, TenBroeck Stout and Mrs. Yard.

Miss Katherine L. Hawkins.

Miss Katherine L. Hawkins, eldest daughter of Mrs. Mary Hawkins, died of bronchial pneumonia at her home on Washington street on Monday. She was 29 years old. She had been sick for the past six months, but not seriously so. About two weeks ago she became afflicted with muscular rheumatism in the face. Her jaws became set and she did not regain their use until Friday. In the meantime she took cold and the cold culminated in the disease that caused her death. Her funeral will be held tomorrow morning at ten o'clock at St. James's church. A high requiem mass will be celebrated by Rev. James A. Reynolds and the interment will be at Mount Olivet cemetery at Fair View.

Dr. William R. Taylor.

Dr. William Remsen Taylor of Astoria died at Middletown last Friday. He had been in poor health for a long time and he made a visit to his brother, Henry C. Taylor, in the hope that his health would be benefited thereby. He had been at his brother's three weeks. Death was caused by Bright's disease and heart disease. Dr. Taylor was born at Middletown and was 56 years old. He was colonel of the 29th Regiment and served during the war. A widow and five children survive him. The body was taken to Astoria and the funeral was held yesterday.

Martin Wolcott.

Martin Wolcott, son of Mrs. Joseph Ely of Eatontown, died at the Long Branch hospital on Monday morning from Bright's disease. He was 26 years old. He had been sick for three months, and for the four weeks before his death he had been in the hospital. He was unmarried. He was a member of Crescent council of American Mechanics of Eatontown, and this lodge had charge of the funeral, which was held at Crescent hall this afternoon. The burial took place in the Slocum burying ground at West Long Branch.

David A. Bell.

David A. Bell, a former resident of Red Bank, died in Philadelphia on Tuesday of last week. For a number of years he owned the Matawan JOURNAL, now owned by Frank Brown. He afterward bought the Red Bank STANDARD and conducted that paper until it was bought by Daniel H. Applegate and John Hone.

Edward L. Pitcher.

Edward L. Pitcher died of typhoid fever at Long Branch on Sunday of last week. He was 25 years old and leaves a widow and one child. He was the son of the late Stacy Pitcher. The Knights of Pythias lodge, of which Mr. Pitcher was a member, attended the funeral in a body and read their burial service at the grave.

Mrs. Josephine Holman.

Mrs. Josephine Holman, widow of the late John R. Holman, died at North Long Branch on Friday. She was 42 years old. Her husband died about four months ago from typhoid fever.

Benjamin Conk.

Benjamin Conk, a veteran of the war, died at North Long Branch last Wednesday, aged 78 years. He was a hook and line fisherman and was a member of the Methodist church.

William C. Johnson.

William C. Johnson died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. P. Matthews, at Imlaystown, on Friday, September 25th, in his 80th year. Several children survive him.

His Property to go to His Children, Share and Share Alike.

The will of the late Levi G. Irwin of Turkey was probated at Freehold last week. The will was made October 23 1888, previous to the death of his wife, to whom he left the use of his house. His household goods and furniture are to be divided among his four children, Mrs. William L. Johnson and Mrs. John E. Barkalow of Turkey; William C. Irwin of Freehold; and Levi G. Irwin of Seabright, or his children may dispose of them as they think best. The real estate is ordered to be sold and the proceeds from that and his personal property is to be divided share and share alike among his children, with the exception that a little personal property was left to Levi G. Irwin. Mr. Irwin left real estate worth $3,000 and personal property worth about $3,500.


  • BELL - At Philadelphia, on Wednesday, September 30th, David A. Bell, formerly of Red Bank, aged 55 years.

  • BENSON - At Ocean Grove, on Friday, September 25th, Emily, widow of Jacob Benson, aged 64 years.

  • CONK - At North Long Branch, on Wednesday, September 30th, Benjamin Conk, aged 78 years.

  • DEMAREST - At Asbury Park, on Friday, September 25th, Peter V. B. Demarest, aged 74 years.

  • DUFFY - At Asbury Park, on Friday, September 25th, Mary, wife of Matthew Duffy, aged 28 years.

  • HAWKINS - At Red Bank, on Monday, October 5th, Katherine L., daughter of Mrs. Mary Hawkins, aged 29 years and 3 months.

  • HANCE - At Red Bank, on Friday, October 2d, Miss L. C. Hance, aged 65 years.

  • HOLMAN - At North Long Branch, on Friday, October 2d, Mrs. Josephine Holman, aged 42 years.

  • IRELAND - At Ocean Grove, on Wednesday, September 30th, Andrew B. Ireland, aged 77 years.

  • JACKSON - At Keyport, on Monday, September 28th, Floretta, infant daughter of LeRoy Jackson.

  • JACKSON - At West Asbury Park, on Thursday, September 1st, Meribah, wife of Peter Jackson, aged 48 years.

  • JOHNSON - At Long Branch, on Sunday, September 27th, Edward A. Johnson, aged 33 years.

  • JOHNSON - At Imlaystown, on Friday, September 25th, William C. Johnson, aged 79 years.

  • MORRIS - Near Middletown, on Saturday, September 26th, Isaac A. Morris, aged 88 years.

  • PITCHER - At Long Branch, on Sunday, September 27th, Edward L. Pitcher, aged 25 years.

  • ROGERS - AT Prospertown, on Wednesday, September 30th, Louis Rogers.

  • STOUT - At Keyport, on Saturday, September 26th, Peter Stout, Sr., of Hazlet, aged 81 years and 6 months.

  • SCHANCK - Near Freehold, on Saturday, September 26th, Mary A., daughter of E. S. Schanck, aged 19 years and 9 months.

  • TAYLOR - At Middletown, on Friday, October 2d, Dr. William R. Taylor of Astoria, L.I., aged 56 years.

  • WOLCOTT - At Long Branch, on Monday, October 5th, Martin Wolcott of Eatontown, son of Mrs. Joseph Ely, aged 26 years.

  • ZINSER - At Fairfield, on Saturday, September 26th, Philip Zinser, aged 82 years.

    Source: Red Bank Register, October 7, 1896

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