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Capt. Benjamin P. Smith Cuts His Throat With a Razor.

Capt. Benjamin P. Smith of Keyport, a veteran of the late war, recently committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor. Ill heath is assigned as the cause of the act. While his son was getting breakfast ready on their boat on Monday his father left it and went to another boat, where he cut his throat from ear to ear. None of the main arteries nor the windpipe was severed, but when he was discovered he had lost a great quantity of blood. He died on Tuesday morning. In connection with his son he had conducted a store boat and supplied the boats in the bay with groceries and provisions. He was a member of Shacketon Post of Keyport. Two sons and a daughter survive him.

A Sailor's Body Found.

The body of Louis Jahn of Keyport, the sailor who was knocked overboard from the sloop I. W. Smith by a swinging boom about two months ago, was caught in a shad net near Staten Island on Tuesday of last week. The net belonged to Scott Hopkins and Alfred Walling, both of Keyport. The body was taken to Keyport, where it was buried.


Rev. J. H. Mickle.

Rev. J. H. Mickle, pastor of the Methodist church at Freehold, died of catarrh of the stomach, resulting from the grip, on Sunday morning. He was 54 years old and leaves a widow and a grown-up daughter. He was appointed pastor of the Freehold church at the last meeting of conference, about six weeks ago. His previous charge was at Lambertville and he had also been stationed at Manasquan and South Amboy.

David V. Conover.

David Vanderveer Conover died of paralysis at the home of his father, Dr. Arthur Conover, at Freehold, on Saturday, April 25th, aged 58 years. He was born at Manalapan and studied law at Mount Holly. He practised law at Red Bank for a time and was deputy sheriff under the late Samuel T. Hendrickson. He was also at one time deputy revenue collector of the Freehold district. Two children survive him.

Thomas H. Campbell.

Thomas H. Campbell died of heart disease at Keyport on Sunday night of last week, aged 53 years. He was born in Liverpool, England, and came to this country 41 years ago. Since that time he had lived at Keyport. He was the eldest of 28 children and leaves a widow and nine children.

Mrs. Mary Lumbard.

Mrs. Mary Lumbard, widow of Capt. James Lumbard, died at Keyport last Wednesday, aged 82 years. Her death was caused by diseases incident to old age. She had lived in the same house at Keyport for the past 56 years. She leaves no family.

Charles Parker.

Charles Parker, son of Richard Parker of Little Silver, died on Monday night of membraneous croup and diphtheria. He was seven years old. The funeral took place Monday and the interment was in Evergreen cemetery.

Mrs. Acsah Hulse.

Mrs. Acsah Hulse, widow of Joseph Hulse, died in Freehold township on Saturday, April 25th, from injuries resulting from a fall. She was 84 years and leaves eight children.

Mrs. Alice Wood.

Mrs. Alice Wood, wife of John Wood, Jr., died near Matawan on Tuesday of last week, aged 30 years. Her death was caused by inflammation of the brain, resulting from grip.

Mrs. Emma Longstreet.

Mrs. Emma Longstreet, wife of Theophilus Longstreet, died at Long Branch city last Wednesday, aged 55 years. Her death was caused by consumption. She leaves three children.


  • CONOVER - At Freehold, on Saturday, April 25th, David Vanderveer Conover, aged 58 years.

  • CAMPBELL - At Keyport, on Sunday, April 26th, Thomas H. Campbell, aged 58 years.

  • COSTNER - At Keansburg, on Thursday, April 23d, William Costner, aged 55 years.

  • CAFFERTY - At Allentown, on Thursday, April 23d, Annie E., wife of Enock Cafferty, aged 75 years.

  • CAMPBELL - Near Colt's Neck, on Friday, May 1st, Mrs. Deborah Campbell, aged 79 years.

  • FORFAR - At Long Branch, on Thursday, April 30th, Edith, daughter of B. J. Forfar, aged 9 years.

  • HATFIELD - At Fair Haven, on Friday, May 1st, Henrietta Hatfield, aged 1 year and 6 months.

  • HULSE - In Freehold township, on Saturday, April 27th, Mrs. Acsah Hulse, aged 84 years.

  • HERBERT - At Long Branch, on Thursday, April 30th, Edith H., daughter of George Herbert, aged 4 years.

  • JACKSON - At Long Branch, on Saturday, April 25th, Mrs. Catherine Jackson, aged 75 years and 6 months.

  • JOHNSON - Near Monmouth Beach, on Thursday, April 23d, Mrs. Sarah Johnson, aged 35 years.

  • LONGSTREET - At Long Branch City, on Wednesday, April 20th, Mrs. Theophilus Longstreet, aged 35 years.

  • LUMBARD - At Keyport, on Wednesday, April 29th, Mrs. Mary Lumbard, aged 82 years.

  • MICKLE - At Freehold, on Sunday, May 3d, Rev. J. H. Mickle, aged 54 years.

  • PARKER - At Little Silver, on Sunday, May 3d, Edward, son of Richard Parker, aged 7 years.

  • VOORHEES - At Manasquan, on Monday, April 27th, Caroline, wife of Hendrick Voorhees, aged 60 years.

  • WOOD - Near Matawan, on Tuesday, April 28th, Alice, wife of John Wood, Jr., aged 30 years.

    Source: Red Bank Register, May 6, 1896

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