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His Death Occurs Almost Instantly-The Funeral Held in Grace Church Yesterday-Michael Henderson Dies at the Hospital.

Benjamin W. Spinning, senior member of the firm of Spinning & Patterson, died suddenly at his store on Saturday noon. At the time of his death he was waiting on a customer, when suddenly he called to his partner, threw up his hands and fell to the floor. Mr. Patterson, who was in in the office, only a few feet away from where Mr. Spinning was standing, rushed out and picked him up. He was breathing faintly but did not reply when spoken to. Dr. Whitmore, who was passing by, was called in and tried to revive the stricken man by artificial respiration, but his efforts were vain, and Mr. Spinning died in less than five minutes after the attack.

About two years ago Mr. Spinning had a similar attack on the street, but it was not particularly severe. This attack was thought by the doctors to be due to a disease of the heart. Shortly after this he underwent an examination by a specialist in New York who said that he had no organic heart trouble. Since that time Mr. Spinning had enjoyed fairly good health, but to allay the fears of his family, he had intended to go to New York for another examination last Friday, but for some reason he did not do so. On the morning of his death he was in high spirits and remarked that he felt much better than for some time past.

Mr. Spinning was born near Long Branch on September 13th, 1837. When he was about seventeen years old he entered the employ of Benjamin White at Eatontown, where he stayed eleven years. In 1862 he married Miss Amelia A. Patterson of Red Bank. About thirty years ago he bought out the general store conducted by the late Isaac P. White, and formed a partnership with the late Thomas Morford. This store was on the corner of Broad and Front streets, the present site of Spinning & Patterson's store. In 1872 this partnership was dissolved, Mr. Morford retiring from the firm and Arthur A. Patterson, Mr. Spinning's brother-in-law, taking his place. Three years afterward they built their present store, which was one of the first brick buildings in Red Bank.

Mr. Spinning was an active member of the Methodist church from his boyhood, and rarely missed attending service, no matter what the weather might be. He was a member of the first Methodist church for many years. At the time Grace Methodist church was formed he was one of the prime movers in the new organization, and since its organization he had been one of its prominent officials. For many years he was treasurer of the church, but latterly was its financial secretary and was one of its most liberal contributors. He was of a very quiet and domestic disposition, rarely taking any interest in anything outside of his business, his church and his home affairs. He was very attentive to business and leaves his family well provided for. His wife and three children survive him. The children are George F., Edith A., and Blanche A. Spinning, all of Red Bank. His funeral was held yesterday afternoon from Grace church at half-past two o'clock. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. William Mitchell, who preached the funeral sermon. A few remarks were also made by Rev. J. K. Manning. The church was filled and special music was sung by the choir. While the funeral procession was passing through town the curtains were drawn in the stores and no business was done. The pall bearers were Walter H. Morton, John Valentine, Elmer E. Carlisle, John S. Throckmorton, John A. Worthley and Joseph W. Child.

Michael Henderson.

Michael Henderson, a resident of Red Bank for over forty years, died at the Long Branch hospital on Thursday, aged 71 years. His death was due to an internal injury he received last September. He was chasing a hen out of a tree when he fell. The fall resulted in a displacement of one of the intestines. He did not experience any bad effects from his injury until the day after the accident, when he had to be taken to the hospital. An operation was performed by Dr. Field of Red Bank and Dr. Forman of Freehold shortly after he was received into the hospital. No instances are known where men have fully recovered from injuries such as he received and his death was considered to be only a matter of time. During the week preceding his death he was delirious most of the time. About an hour before his death he became unconscious and died in this condition.

Mr. Henderson was born in Ireland. He came to this country in 1851. He stayed in New York about five years, where he worked at his trade as a tailor. He was married twice. He leaves a widow and three children, Mrs. Adaline Warwick of Trenton, by his first wife, and John and Lena Henderson of Red Bank by his second wife.

The funeral was held on Monday morning at half-past nine o'clock from St. James's church. A solemn high mass was celebrated by Rev. James A. Reynolds. The pall bearers were Timothy Quigley, John Keough, Peter Reilly, George Woods, Sr., and Joseph and Edward Coley. The interment was in Mt. Olivet cemetery.

Zachariah Allgor.

Zachariah Allgor, a veteran of the late war, died of consumption at Belmar on Tuesday of last week. He had been sick for a long time. He enlisted early in the war in the 29th New Jersey Volunteers as a private, and in February, 1863, he was discharged from service on account of a wound he received. He was a Free Mason and was also a member of the Knights of Pythias. The Masonic burial service was read at his grave.

Mrs. Judy Cummings.

Mrs. Judy Cummings, better known as "Aunt Judy," died at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. Melvin E. Holmes, on Stout street on Monday morning. Her death was due to asthma, with which she had been sick since January. Mrs. Cummings's age was not definitely known, but she claimed that she was 116 years old. She was born at Griggstown, near New Brunswick. Her parents were slaves. She always declared that she had seen General Washington. Her memory was good and she had the use of all her faculties. She leaves two children, Dewitt Cummings and Mrs. Mary Schenck, both of Red Bank. Her funeral was held this morning.

Bloomfield D. Cook.

Bloomfield D. cook died at Eatontown on Friday, aged 41 years. His death was caused by pneumonia. Mr. Cook was born in Oceanport in 1855. He had been a grocer in Eatontown for a number of years. He leaves a widow and one son, Perry B. Cook of Eatontown. Mr. Cook was a member of the American Mechanics and was one of the township committeemen for a number of years.

The funeral services were preached at the house by Rev. M. L. Ferris. The body was buried in the West Long Branch cemetery on Tuesday. The pallbearers were George Armstrong, David Perry, Orville Conover, T. Edward Huyler, Charles McFadden and George L. Gibbs.

Carhart S. Longstreet.

Carhart S. Longstreet, a life long resident of Manasquan, died suddenly from heart disease at that place last Wednesday, aged 71 years. At the time of his death he was in the store of Henry Wainwright, where he had bought some goods. He remarked that he was tired and would rest before he started for his home. A minute or so afterward he staggered and was about to fall, but was caught by Mr. Wainwright. He died without saying a word. He was an active member of the Methodist church. His wife and four children survive him. The children are A. P. and Timbrook Longstreet of Keyport; and Mrs. Charles Mott and Lavinia Longstreet of Manasquan.

Mrs. Sarah Walling.

Mrs. Sarah Walling, wife of David C. Walling, died at Keyport on Sunday night, aged 47 years. She had been sick with disease of the heart and liver for over a year. She leaves six children, the oldest of whom is married and lives at Perth Amboy. Mrs. Walling had been a member of the Keyport Methodist church for several years, and she was also a member of the Daughters of Liberty. The funeral was held this afternoon.

Mildred A. Longstreet.

Mildred A., only child of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Longstreet, died on Sunday, aged 3 years and 2 months. About three weeks ago she was taken sick with the whooping cough. This developed into the bronchitis from which she died. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon at half-past one o'clock.

Rev. Elliot D. Tomkins.

Rev. Elliot D. Tomkins died at Long Branch last Wednesday of nervous prostration. Mr. Tomkins had been rector of St. James's church for 24 years, but resigned because some of the younger people of the congregation wanted a younger pastor. Mr. Tompkins was 61 years old. He leaves a widow and three daughters.

William H. VanCleaf.

William H. VanCleaf died of dropsy at Eatontown on Monday. He was married twice and was about 45 years old. He was born at Pine Brook. He leaves a widow and one child by his first wife. The body was buried in White Ridge cemetery this morning.


  • Allgor - At Belmar, on Tuesday, March 10th, Zachariah Allgor.

  • BROWER - At Keyport, on Sunday, March 8th, Hettie, wife of Jacob Brower, aged 48 year.

  • CRAVEN - At Matawan, on Sunday, March 8th, Albert, son of Edward Craven, aged 2 years and 2 months.

  • CUMMINGS - At Red Bank, on Monday, March 16th, Mrs. Judy Cummings.

  • COOK - At Eatontown, on Friday, March 13th, Bloomfield D. Cook, aged 41 years.

  • FLEET - At Long Branch, on Monday, March 9th, Mrs. Harry Fleet, aged 28 years.

  • HOEY - At Long Branch, on Wednesday, March 11th, John S. Hoey, aged 46 years.

  • HENDERSON - At Long Branch, on Thursday March 12th, Michael Henderson, aged 71years.

  • HYLAND - At Vanderburg, on Sunday, March 15th, John, son of John Hyland, aged 6 years.

  • LONGSTREET - At Red Bank, on Sunday, March 15th, Mildred A., daughter of George A. Longstreet, aged 3 years and 2 months.

  • LAMBERSON - Near Hazlet, on Saturday, March 7th, Thomas Lamberson, aged 59 years.

  • LONGSTREET - At Manasquan, on Wednesday, March 11th, Carhart S. Longstreet, aged 71 years.

  • PATTERSON - At Brooklyn, on Sunday, March 8th, Mrs. Charles H. Patterson, formerly of Keyport, aged 31 years and 4 months.

  • SPINNING - At Red Bank, on Saturday, March 14th, Benjamin W. Spinning, aged 58 years and 6 months.

  • SMITH - At Long Branch, on Saturday, March 7th, Alvira Smith, aged 7 years.

  • SMITH - At Long Branch, on Saturday, March 7th, Forman Smith, aged 3 years.

  • SHOMO - At Macedonia, on Friday, March 13th, Edward Shomo, aged 60 years.

  • TOMKINS - At Long Branch-on Wednesday, March 11th, Rev. Elliot D. Tomkins, aged 61 years.

  • VanCLEAF - At Eatontown, on Monday, March 16th, William H. VanCleaf, aged about 45 years.

  • WALLING - At Keyport, on Sunday, March 15th, Sarah, wife of David C. Walling, aged 47 years.

  • WARD - At Long Branch, on Saturday, March 7th, Mrs. Maria W. Ward, aged 91 years.

    Source: Red Bank Register, March 18, 1896

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